The Start Of The Second Trimester


In the first weeks of my second trimester it was like something had switched inside of me and I felt brilliant. I still knew when I had over done it and end up shattered but I definitely felt like a human again. Although, I never felt like I had ‘the glow’ that people kept telling me I had….I’m telling you now, that’s all highlighter! See me on a normal working day and you would know I definitely didn’t have any glow about me. But I was feeling like a new woman on the inside and got well into the swing of window shopping for nursery bits and the millions of other baby bits that are available out there!

16 Week Scan


We found out that we were having a baby girl at 16 weeks and went and bought some pretty girl bits and allowed ourselves to get the most excited we had been yet! We both were secretly convinced that there was a little girl cooking in there and it was nice to get it confirmed. Although there was no real preference, either way, as long as it was healthy we wouldn’t have minded, but Dan has always wanted a little girl so to see the happiness on his face and the tear in his eye (don’t tell him i told you that!) made my heart swell and was all of a sudden so ready for this little baby girl.



Buying clothes and baby bits is one of them things for us, which just has to be done. I know that people will buy us things when baby arrives and we are lucky enough to have a family who want to help and have bought nearly all of the big things between them, but i just cant help myself, i’m sure we will have way too much stuff and probably not even use some of it, but hey, this is our first baby and we’re excited!


I had an extra midwife appointment before our holiday just to double check things and book in the one which i needed after our 20 week scan straight after we arrive home. This just happens to be the one i will never forget! As the midwife was pushing on my tummy to find her little heartbeat she must have woken her up as i got my first full on kick from our baby girl. It was the most amazing feeling and both me and the midwife looked at each other and laughed and she was saying what a big kick that was. I had felt the ‘butterflies’ and ‘fluttering’s’ of baby moving around inside my tummy but i had never felt her kick before so that was a perfect moment. I can only imagine how you must feel once baby is born as every time i reach the next stage of pregnancy or experience a new feeling or see her on a scan i seem to fall more and more in love!.



By then my bump was growing and although you still couldn’t really see it in my work uniform as i bought it in such a big size to make sure it lasted me most of the way through, it was there on evening and weekends and i loved finding clothes to show it off.




Now at 24 weeks I feel baby on a daily basis and notice her movements are more frequent when I am rubbing oils and creams into my bump or in the bath talking to her. I read all my weekly updates on what baby can do each week and the amount she grows although the further on I get in pregnancy the more it hits me that sooner rather than later, this baby has to come out!!

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