Going Abroad When Pregnant

So, we booked a short city break abroad to Barcelona before we found out that I was pregnant. We decided we would still go and make the most of what will probably be the last holiday as just a couple for a long time. I told my midwife and she told me that it would be fine, as long as I took all my maternity notes, wore flight socks, kept moving on the plane and drank plenty of water – sounds easy right? WRONG!

Flight socks

THE MOST uncomfortable thing you could wear on an aeroplane, they dug in and made me hot and sweaty. I struggled to know what to wear with them, as for some reason I chose the black ones instead of skin coloured? Not sure why exactly. Dan and I decided we would put them on in the car when we parked up at the car park rather than    in the middle of the airport waiting to board. So I sat in the drivers seat and Dan stood outside trying to force tight stockings onto my wide feet! SO ROMANTIC. We were both in hysterics and I think an older couple behind us getting their luggage out of the car also found it quite entertaining. I mean people warned me that giving birth is when you lose your dignity but I think it’s already started for me, maybe it’s just a way of preparing me of what’s to come!


Personally, I think they are just as stressful when your not pregnant to be fair but drinking blackcurrant and lemonade wasn’t as stress reliving as my usual cider or glass of wine whilst waiting to board my plane. Also, I’d just reached the stage of pregnancy where I was peeing every 20 minutes, if not, more often than that! So whilst in the toilet relieving my bladder, someone enters the cubicle next to me and starts chucking their guts up and if you’ve read my previous blogs you will know that I don’t cope well with sick. So I sat on the toilet in my flight socks and what looked like pyjama bottoms with my fingers in my ears scared to move! From then onwards the airport experience wasn’t fun at all. I made Dan buy me hand sanitizer as I was scared of catching some kind of bug in time for being abroad (although deep down I knew that the poor lady could have been being sick for any reason). We finally boarded the plane…after a 3 and a half hour delay!

Dan and I are usually really good at the holiday business, we love exploring, chilling, eating and just being together without having to think about bills and housework. Not so much on this holiday, I was so tired from travelling and super emotional because of how tired I was, and as clean and nice as the hotel was, the bed was just rock hard, and for someone who suffers with their hip, this is not a good thing. The next day we explored and walked around, the walk Dan assured me wold take 10-15 minutes took a solid 1-2 hours. In the end, my hip was so sore I was walking around with tears rolling down my cheeks (I’m sure being tired and emotional added to this) so we decided that we would just set up camp in a nice park and read our books, eat our rolls and lay in the sun – it was perfect! I even napped.

Day two was much better, Dan had padded out the bed with the spare duvet so I slept a lot better. We decided that we would spend the day exploring the zoo. We had such a laugh together and ended up really enjoying our day. The highlight being a young foreign boy speaking to us in a different language and I panicked as it sounded like he was saying he’d lost his dad. Turns out he was actually just asking us for our chips! We both looked at each other, laughed and said that this will probably be our child in the future as we are such food lovers.

We realised we probably hadn’t done the things that you ‘should’ do and see whilst in Barcelona but we had a nice break together. The journey home was somewhat better than the journey out there and we were happy we went and spent that time together before baby arrives. But we both decided on that day, we would never go abroad whilst pregnant ever again! Although we did get some nice bump photos!!

So for those of you who have better experiences abroad during pregnancy – feel free to share your top tips with me!

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  1. John Snow

    November 11, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Wow! Lovable story….

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