Second Trimester And Nursery Update

So I am now 25 weeks pregnant and I am feeling baby more than ever! It is starting to feel so real all of a sudden. We are making progress on our list of ‘things to get’…which is very exciting. We spend our weekends doing little bits at a time to the nursery and buying something new to add in there. This weekend’s item is curtains, at last…I’ve been wanting to change them since we found out we were having a little girl as the room has dinosaur ones which have been there since we moved in.


We got the cot bed and matching nappy changing unit from Mothercare and Dan put them straight up! Some may say that’s bad luck but we have kept the pram at a different house so that’s something. We thought, well you can’t keep everything in someone else’s house and have nothing ready for when baby arrives! I have only just gotten used to walking up the stairs and looking in and seeing baby furniture in there, I can’t imagine what it will feel like when there’s a baby in there too.



We have gone for a pastel theme in the bedroom so that we can keep the cream walls and not make it too pink as everything girly seems to be pink only, which is fine, i love a bit of pink, but i also like a lot of other colours! Dan and i both enjoy a nice bit of art so we painted hot air balloons, butterflies and dragonflies on the wall. It took ages and there were a few cross words between us both, normally over positioning and hunger as well as the odd ‘that better not have gone on the carpet!’ But they were soon sorted by a pizza break!                              

Click me to see us painting the nursery!


Dan talking to bump

Aside from kitting out the nursery and feeling baby move so much these past few weeks have been pretty normal, I have felt less tired and have gone part time at work which has made a huge difference! Both Dan and I have started talking to baby lots and seeing her respond with kicks and movement is so amazing. Dan is just about getting past the awkward stage of feeling like he doesn’t know what to say to my stomach, looking at me with a blank stare on his face and is starting to enjoy speaking to our baby. I think the fact that he can now see and feel her move as well as me has helped! Must be strange being the dad and not really knowing or feeling what is going on in there like mums do.




I have also booked all of our antenatal classes in which is exciting, not that I have any idea what to expect, the leaflet tells me to take a pillow and a blanket…does this mean we get to lie down and nap? Hope so! I also booked in our ward tour which is this Saturday coming, very exciting all though I’m not sure if I should expect to walk in there and it to sound like the start of One Born Every Minute and just hear lots of screaming and groaning women in labour!

Last but not least, just a little extra, in case any family members are reading this I would just like to say a huge thank you from us both for buying baby bits that we couldn’t have got without your help. It means the whole world and more!





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