Jabs, Scales and Counting Down

Since my last blog I have had a sudden realisation of how soon we are going to have a baby, a slightly more pleasant than expected meeting with the weighing scales and two more jabs, which is always fun!


Counting Down

It hit me just yesterday that I have just 14 weeks left until her due date, SORRY WHAT?! How has this happened? Since when did a pregnancy ever go so quick? This crazy feeling that once Christmas and New Year have come and gone I will pretty much be ready to pop.

I have exactly 10 weeks until I’m supposed to be finishing work. Those weeks are going to fly by which means I am making list after list when I’m at home (much to Dan’s dismay, his smile and shake of the head when he sees me scribbling away). I’m trying to prepare myself as much as possible for things like, maternity pay, budgeting Dan’s weekly wage to make sure we have enough for monthly outgoings among all the other ‘To Do’ bits. Either way the lists help my brain, seeing it all on paper seems to relax all the loose ends flying around my head.


My last midwife appointment I was weighed and I was so scared! I know I am always going to weigh more, I mean my body is harbouring a small human, give yourself a break Anna! Much to my amazement i haven’t put much on at all considering. Well, not that i knew that until she reassured me, kilograms mean nothing to me, bring back stone and pounds – keep it traditional. That’s what I say anyway.


I have also had my jabs for flu and whooping cough. What an absolute wimp! An embarrassment to myself, let alone Dan! Poor boy must just be constantly shaking his head and rolling his eyes in his mind. I had already cancelled my appointment once chickening out, so we decided I would make an appointment for the evening so Dan could escort me. That way I couldn’t run a mile when I got to the door of the doctors surgery. I sat in the car on arrival eating a boost bar and telling Dan he really wasn’t helping the situation by telling me over and over again that we would be out again in two minutes. Turns out he was wrong anyway, we were in there for about half an hour as the nurse talked to me. I think she was trying to relax me but I was just looking at her with an evil stare waiting for her to whip out the needle she was hiding behind her back. I think every time she got anywhere near me and I shouted ‘NO’, she kept having the re-ask me if I actually wanted these injections…yes! I want the injections I am aware that it is for my baby not me and I will walk out of here having had them. It’s just going to take me a minute…or 10!

So cut a long story short, I laid down and she basically just stuck them both in one arm, not risking the same half an hour ‘hoo-har’ I created over the first one…and it was done! She apologised for how sucky my arm would feel after sticking two needles in the same one made me lay down for 5 minutes and then finally, set me free. As we walked out I was shouting from the roof tops how brave I was and how proud of myself I was and as a result we went to the range and bought some new Christmas decorations! Dan just smiled, agreed with me, told me he was proud and let me do some retail therapy. Thank the lord for home stores!

I won’t even tell you how I feel about my upcoming blood tests – we will save that laugh for next week…Someone help me!

So before I love and leave you for the week – I must just say…

I have added some little comic type drawings I have done as I didn’t take many photos this week and thought a photo of me getting an injection wouldn’t be very appropriate even if it would have been entertaining!

Lastly, shout out to my better half for being the most patient person in the world and always being a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy and making me feel good about myself, even in situations like the above when I can be a tad over dramatic! Love ya!
And also to all the nurses who also have patience beyond belief and put up with my hate in the moment, when actually you are the loveliest, understanding people, who do great things every day! Especially the one I had on Wednesday who did tell me I had a lovely, tidy bump…that made my day!


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    November 18, 2017 at 10:06 am

    Love this so much xx

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    December 2, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    u are nice

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