Weekly Update and Leaky Boobs


This week has been another week of needles, blood pressure and leaky boobs! It has been an eventful one, although me and Dan have managed to start another series, ‘The Walking Dead’ so we did chill out on Sunday afternoon and of course, prepare for ‘I’m a Celeb’!!



 Blood Tests

So on Wednesday I had to go to the hospital for my blood tests, Dan had to work, I took my mum. There is no one like your mum after all! It went surprisingly well, especially after last week with the jabs! Call me crazy, but I actually prefer a blood test to a jab. I can’t really explain why, I’m sure most people would disagree. The first one, fab, in and out didn’t even feel it, squeezed mums hand so hard her fingers went white and my hands were all clammy, but that’s nothing!

We sat in the day room on the maternity ward whilst waiting for my second blood test, we had a ball, laughing and chatting. I think every time we heard a baby cry we looked at each other and said ‘Oooooh that one sounds fresh’. Then when a new mum wheeled her new addition into the day room whilst she made herself a cup of coffee, we both went silent and tried to hide the fact that we were both starring at the tiny new baby.

Before we knew it, we had to head back in for another blood test, this one didn’t go so well. Not my doing either I would just like to add. After the first one going so well I was syked up for it and was going to absolutely boss it. Even if I still asked to lay down, better safe than sorry! So she got everything ready and went in. I was looking at mum so I had no idea what she was doing then I felt the needle go into the side of my arm, I thought to myself, ‘not normal, but it’s fine, play it cool’. But she was fiddling around for some time so I looked up at mums face whose eyebrows had started to crease until she saw me looking at her and then gave a really fake reassuring smile as if it was going really well (Good old mum). Then when she finally gave up and told me no blood was coming out she came round the other side and shoved it in the whole she made the first time, that did sting. But I was an absolute hero and didn’t even make a fuss. Just the odd tight squeeze on mums hand. Every one but me seemed a bit nervous that I was going to go funny, asking me if I was okay and did I need a drink. Maybe it was me overreacting at how well it went that did it, making them even more nervous.

Anyway that was that, answer to having needles put in me is…take my mum. She doesn’t make the fuss like Dan does, more of a ‘get it done, you’ll be fine’ attitude. Mum and I were so proud, I text Dan right away telling him how brave I was. I think he was just as shocked as the rest of us!


Leaky Boobs

We have had a relaxed last few days of the week, I spent my day off looking after the new puppy at mums and then went home and cleaned the whole house. It took a small turn when I got upset at Dan for arriving home and not noticing then tracing mud all over the floor…just your average tea time in our household.

Nice Little Wet Patch

We thought we would catch up on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II as we missed it last Sunday. I was happily eating my tea when the baby whale was left at the top of the sea whilst his mum left him for an hour going to get food. Then all of a sudden I had a wet patch on my top! I was not happy about this to start with, I put my dinner down and sat there looking at Dan with ‘help me’ eyes. He laughed at me and told me it was ‘awesome’…can’t say I agreed. He told me how he wishes he could do all this with his body and he thinks it’s the most amazing thing ever (which of course it is, it just feels so strange when it’s all happening to you). Then I made him go and get me a breast pad, which I didn’t need as it hasn’t done it since…yet! But I felt more secure when he gave me one. He was amazed that it had sticky bits on it for sticking to your bra. He was just starring at it saying ‘So it’s basically a sanitary towel for your boob’. Yes, you could say that.

I googled it…AGAIN, I didn’t realise it could happen so soon. Apparently it can happen from 18 weeks onwards or something (don’t quote me on that, it’s what Google said). The female body does some crazy S#!T that’s for sure. I thought coping with my already larger chest area growing rapidly was enough. And even that’s no fun when the price and ugliness of bras seem to increase with every cup size, why is that? Not fair.

Sleeping Struggles

The last update I have, is sleeping arrangements. It’s pretty horrendous if you’re not a natural side sleeper. Don’t sleep on your back they say, bad for you and the baby they say. Ok, yeah great, so how do I control that then? The only way is to buy a pregnancy pillow. Well, they are so expensive! So me and Dan have made our own one out of pillows we already had, it’s horrific. Dan loves it, he says it puts up a necessary heat barrier making him less sweaty at night. I on the other hand, have nothing positive to say about it at all! By Thursday I had enough, no more, I asked the midwife  if I could lay on my back if I was elevated and she said that would be fine, so basically the only way for me to actually get some sleep is sat up…even then I was woken due to a certain someone snoring! Ugh I cannot wait to get into bed and star fish on my stomach again one day! 2018 goals!

So basically this week has left me needle free for HOPEFULLY the rest of my pregnancy, (well until birth) and paranoid that I’m going to be walking round with wet patches on my t-shirt all the time. Brilliant! This just gets more fun every week!

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