The Home Stretch

It’s official. I am now 28 weeks pregnant which means one thing only…I have reached the third trimester. I am also aware that this means I have approximately 12 weeks left of pregnancy, HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED?!

This Weeks Update

We have had a pretty quiet week of online Christmas shopping and making list upon list of what’s left to buy before baby gets here. I think it is just little bits now and the baby monitor which I have no idea about, there are so many out there! Where do you even start? The nursery is coming together, a few things to be put on the wall and a few last little touches and it will be complete. I genuinely cannot get my head around how fast time is running away with us, before we know it, Christmas Day will be here, followed by lots of family birthdays including mine at the end of December and January and then it will the month our baby is due.

This week I have felt horrible, for once it’s nothing to do with pregnancy, a stuffy nose mixed with a temperature and feeling like I can’t move. The sort of ill where you sit on the toilet and it hurts your skin when something touches you. I hate that feeling. The only thing with feeling ill when you’re pregnant is that it just seems to completely zap any energy from you, a big part of that is probably because I am still having huge trouble sleeping. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and spend the money on a pregnancy pillow even though the only ones I can find seem to be a weeks’ worth of my wages! I think I spent the whole of Wednesday either asleep or wishing I was asleep. Plus, I’m sure not all of you need the extra information, but I am so constipated! It is the most uncomfortable thing. But as the week is coming to an end I feel like a human again, just a round, tired and constantly expanding one!

Aside from this, i have so many baby deadline factors buzzing around my head…


Time Fly’s –

Time is slipping away from us. The more I read online and talk to people who already have children the more I think, ‘should I have already done this and that by now’? For example, some people say they have already packed their hospital bag by now! I don’t even have the stuff that I need to put in it yet! But hey – I am a laid back person, believe it or not, so there is time. There is always time. Also, what the hell do you even put in a hospital bag, I mean I know the basics but there are so many lists people have made out there and they all say completely different things!

Giving Birth –

Another thing is how frightened I am to give birth! I have probably mentioned this factor in most of my posts but it’s the one thing that is constantly on my mind, I mean I know, baby is in there, she is most definitely coming out one way or another so there really isn’t any point over thinking it. Still can’t help myself though! Also I find it crazy how you go through birth and then BAM you have to look after a newborn straight away and your whole life is changed forever. I can only imagine adrenaline and feeling like you’re on cloud 9 gives you the energy to do this.

Birthing Techniques –

I think me and Dan have made a decision to look into hypno-birthing, I have heard some good things. Again, I’m not sure if we should of already looked into this and be well on the way with it but we will get there. When we do get into it I will do a post about how we find it. However, we have booked in all of our antenatal classes and have times and dates for these so that is one thing we are organised for.

Stretch Marks –

The last thing I want to say is, my stomach is so itchy! It is stretching every day. I know this is normal as bump will grow more than ever in this trimester but, oh my word, I am already uncomfortable. It’s also starting to get in the way of my prenatal yoga! Most frustrating.

My Potions and Lotions

I have kept stretch marks up to a minimum until now, I mean I had stretch marks before I was even pregnant so it’s not like I have the perfect pregnancy belly look, but they could be worse and I have kept to my tummy butter/bio oil routine so here’s hoping they stay at bay. Although it really isn’t the end of the world for me, my body is doing an amazing thing at the end of the day so I will forgive it for leaving a few signs of brewing a baby. Saying that, it is nearly the time of pregnancy where I start using perineum oil! I didn’t even know there was such thing! Who knew there was oils that could strengthen the skin between your noonie and your bum for when you push out a baby! Ahhhh the joys of being a woman!

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  1. Melanie Hellier

    December 1, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    Your noonie and your bum! Ha ha Anna that made me laugh. That wasn’t around 20 odd years ago! Don’t be scared, you will be just fine. It is amazing how you cope and there are always drugs. It is the beginning of seeing Doris, or is it Ethel? I want lots of pics when she does arrive please x

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