Itchy Tummys and Lovely Mummys

We have had a week of Christmas decorations and it has been amazing! ‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year’! It has been so nice decorating our house for the first Christmas we are spending here. It also made us think about having an extra family member involved this time next year. We chose a real Christmas tree and spent ages wondering if we would be able to have a real one again after this for a few years with a little one. I mean surely she will just go to grab it realise it hurts and then not try again, right? Time will tell!

Click me to see our wonderful winter wonderland!


Week 28


I had another appointment with the midwife and she measured my stomach which apparently is what it should be at 28cm. She also felt around to see what position baby was in, she told me she was head down. She said it in the calmest way. In my head I was saying to myself, “I haven’t had a child before please tell me this doesn’t mean I’m going to give birth” and eventually she said that was fine as long as she doesn’t engage and she will move around before settling in that position for birth. PHEW.




My stomach is still incredibly itchy so I have taken the advice from a friend of my mums and stopped with the Bio Oil and am going to start using Aloe Vera for stretch marks, I’m excited to try it this weekend and hopefully it will mean no more itchy tummy! A part from this, bump feels as if it is growing every day and I am loving it…most of the time. There are some days where I put my clothes on, stand in the mirror and hold my middle finger up to the reflection.
I have decided I need a few maternity tops that I can wear in the cold so that I have more than just 1 and a half outfits that actually fit me. I find as soon as I get home and out of the public eye I am either straight into my pyjamas or even better in a big baggy t-shirt and some maternity pants! Not exactly ‘magazine pregnancy’ standards! Who even cares? NOT ME.

I have been on a few dog walks with my mum which I have really enjoyed,(i think baby has too as she has been really active) – although to be honest, any day spent with my lovely mum is enjoyable. Its fab – she is my bestest friend. There is no one like your mum and I hope that one day me and my daughter have the same relationship my mum and I do.

My Bestfriend A.K.A Mum

Dan has been a gem, as he is every week, on the days I work making sure I come home to dinner on the go and a warm bath waiting…he really does look after us! Being patient with me and spending time with bump in the evenings. He always gets a reaction! I end up with a big kick to the ribs or pelvis. He is blessed with a nice deep voice so I think she can hear him well, the other day he was speaking to me and she kicked my phone right off of my tummy onto my lap!

So to sum it up, this week has been me putting on slightly more make up than usual on my days off to try and stop myself focusing on the fact that clothes no longer look nice. Even though that makes you feel like SH#T it is worth it to feel baby growing and her kicks getting stronger. It has also got to the stage where i am counting down the days until i go on maternity leave due to feeling like a stiff beached whale every time I get off of the floor at work and aching hips when sat cross legged. And finally, the chat of baby names coming up more than usual even though it’s something we forbid until i leave work as being at a nursery makes names difficult!

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