Summing Up The Second Trimester

I started my second trimester on the 18th of August and in between then and a few weeks ago so much has happened. I felt much better in the second trimester than I did in the first! I was so happy to be picking up within myself again and being able to come home from work and actually sit downstairs and have conversation rather than going straight to bed. There was many ups and downs (excuse the cliché phrase) but it definitely flew by!

August – Sharing Our News

First thing was to tell the world about our exciting news. All family members and closet friends already knew so we thought we would just do the standard Facebook post. Not much creativity but for someone who wasn’t even sure if she wanted to make it into an announcement, it was good enough for us. For weeks before I went back and forth unsure whether to just leave it and let people find out in their own time or whether to stop the ‘has she put on weight or is she pregnant’ talk. In the end, we decided it was easier to just make it common knowledge and to share our news, after all we had kept it secret since finding out and were ready to tell everyone how excited we were.

September – Does my bump look big in this?

September I spent most of my free time either looking in the mirror at my tummy trying to find a bump…needless to say there wasn’t a visible one there yet. Didn’t stop me trying though. We looked at all the different baby bits now that we felt we could go into shops and buy the odd thing. We went up to London to watch Aladdin which was very good, but probably not so enjoyable for Dan as I was more paranoid about being caught in one of the ongoing terrorist attacks that were happening. In my head I was fully aware that it can happen anywhere and at any time but I think knowing that if something happened to me it would also affect our baby too made it much more real and scary. Dan and I also decided we were going to find out the gender of our baby and at 16 weeks we found out we were going to have a baby girl. We were both over the moon, especially Dan who had been secretly hoping for a daddy’s girl.

October – Short Break to Barcelona

I mean I need not say much about this as I did a blog post just on this event. It was such a nice time for me and Dan but both came out the other side of it knowing that we weren’t going to be going abroad whilst pregnant ever again! End of! In October we also had our 20 week scan which was all good and as it should’ve been, although we were in there for just under an hour and made to go for walks/runs to try and move her as she as being super stubborn and refused to wake up and move about to allow the sonographer to find all the bits she needed too. Whilst we were there, they confirmed that she was indeed a girl. The week after I went to Bristol with my dad to see War Horse which he bought me for my 21st birthday present. I’m pretty sure he didn’t think his daughter would be pregnant whilst accompanying him to this! I had such a lovely night, first having dinner with him and my uncle and then spending some time one on one with my lovely papa. I think the only downside to having a young, beautiful and youthful looking dad is that people often mistake him for your other half! We both laugh about it and hope the fact that we have pretty similar features is enough for people to know we are father and daughter.

Me and Dad


November – Tears All Round

I think November was a pretty quiet month, we painted the nursery and watched lots of pretty fireworks (from the comfort of the bedroom window) and discussing if baby hears the bangs. Only because Google told me that baby was by then sensitive to sound and may jump at loud noises. We came to the conclusion that it probably meant nearby loud noises and that was that.
November was the month where I started to feel baby more than ever and sometimes, even see her moving. So during the last few weeks of November when I had days where I didn’t think I was feeling her as much but putting it down to being on the move. Eventually, when I had driven myself insane about it I decided to ring the maternity unit and just be reassured. They asked me to come up to the hospital so they could find the heartbeat and monitor it just to ensure baby is well. Dan and I went up and I did the usual, wee in a cup, blood pressure and all that jazz and the midwife listened in for the heartbeat. After trying for 10-15 minutes I was getting nervous, in fact so nervous, that they picked up my heartbeat through my stomach instead of the babies! As the minutes went by I could see the midwifes face becoming concerned and she looked up and said she was going to stop trying as she didn’t want to upset me…and with that the flood gates opened! I cried and she reassured us and told me she was going to get the doctor and the scan machine.
I pulled myself together and sat with some water trying not to look at Dan as I knew that would just make me cry again. Whilst we were waiting for the Doctor she asked me if I wanted her to try once more with a different machine and I said she could. And with that eventually we heard her heartbeat! (Little madam was cooped right up down in my pelvis)! I was elated and relieved and out of nowhere Dan started to cry his little heart out, bless him, he held it together so well until then.
We both said how scary it was and had never felt relief like it. I think it made us realise whether you have had an easy pregnancy or a more complicated one it’s the little things babies do that makes us all worry the most. Safe to say since then she has been moving normally, they said she must have just been having a growth spurt and been more sleepy than usual.

December – Ending the second trimester

In the first week of December I left the second trimester and began the third. The end is now near, although it’s not at all the end, it is the beginning! Looking back on the second trimester I was still tired, and deciding to go part time with work was a good decision and for the most of it I felt a lot better. However the one time I was ill it seemed to hit me like a tonne of bricks! Then followed by our reassuring check-up turning into a manic 20 minute worry, which by the way we didn’t tell anyone about at the time. Not really sure of the reason why, we just never did. Now, here we are, December is here, the Christmas decs are up and we are charging into the third trimester with more excitement than ever about meeting our little girl!

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