Sickness, Sleep and Scary Realisations

I have hit 30 weeks, which means I only have 10 to go! How is this possible? I mean I thought entering the third trimester was frightening but as I woke up and had my email from Bounty updating me on my weekly progress and it said 30 weeks it hit me…what a scary realisation! We are excited beyond belief now, reading all the ‘tell-tale signs of labour’ and ‘what to pack in your hospital bag’ information. All the hospital bag essential lists seem to have a TENS machine listed on them but I haven’t really heard much about them until then? Is that a thing people actually do put in?


My week started off well, more nice dog walks in the winter sun. There’s a reason winter is my favourite season, everything looks so pretty and peaceful. I had a visit from the health visitor who gave me my red book and talked through all the bits inside of it and told me that was another thing i had to remember to take to all of my appointments!
She gave me leaflets on bottle feeding, breast feeding and groups I can attend after baby is born. She spoke to me about breast feeding and expressing as I said I was hoping to breastfeed. It’s the one thing that has surprised me throughout this journey is that every professional I meet seems shocked when I tell them that’s what I want to do. Not because I think there is a better option, my personal opinion is that as long as your relaxed and happy then baby will be, whether you use bottle or breast. I just feel that if I don’t give it a go I will wish I did and I can’t wait to bond with my baby in that way. Also, it’s much cheaper!



The last half of my week has been horrendous! I caught the dreaded sickness bug. I was so paranoid about getting it as it has been going around work like the plague, I washed and sanitized my hands every 10 minutes and did everything I could not to come in contact with germs. Pretty impossible when you have poorly children that need looking after and comforting. Anyway, I was at work on Wednesday and all of a sudden my stomach did not feel right, I tried to ignore it and tell myself it was fine. Then all of a sudden I was doing everything possible not to be sick, so I went home early and as soon I got home it was like I exploded! I was so determined not to be ill at work, A) because there’s nothing worse than being ill when you’re not at home and B) I knew once I started that would be it. It was the worst! I hate being sick anyway and normally when I catch these things it tends to come out the other end because I refuse to be sick but I am so constipated that it was like my body didn’t even give me that option this time! Anyway hours of relentless throwing up when there really wasn’t anything to come out. My muscles aching from my body working so hard to get it all up. The poor baby probably had no idea what was going on, my stomach was retching so much I could hardly breathe I could feel it pulling in all on its own.

I’m starting to feel more myself now and am eating dry toast and crackers and drinking lots, I was so dehydrated I was worried about the baby but every time I sipped water it would come straight back out. Luckily the sickness only lasted about 8 hours and then I just slept and ached and slept some more.
So basically catching a bug is nobody’s idea of fun but I imagine having it whilst 30 weeks pregnant and trying to roll out of bed fast enough to make it to the toilet every 20 minutes was what I think hell is like. Not to mention the constant wriggle and kicking of the nearly 40cm human inside of me adding to the nausea. But hey – at least I won’t have it over Christmas, every cloud and all that.

List so far…

Other than that I am looking forward to Dan coming home tonight as I sent him to his mums because the only thing worse than me being ill is Dan being ill…enough said! Plus it’s nearly Christmas and I don’t think the bank accounts would enjoy us both being off sick! But now I am feeling pretty normal again and will have changed the bedding, cleaned the house and by then been quarantined for 48 hours, he can come home. YAY! Very excited for a chilled weekend with my best pal!

Here’s to a better week next week and hopefully a more positive one, where hopefully we can think about buying bits for the hospital and nursing bras! Woohoo, what fun! Also, fingers crossed, book a holiday for next September, our first family holiday to Cornwall, we hope.

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