Birthing Partners and Hypnobirthing

I have made the most of the outdoors again this week. I mean,let’s not beat around the bush, I am not the most exercise orientated person. I wish I was, but I’m not. So a nice walk in the cold sun does me good and I think it is possibly the only form of exercise that I actually enjoy. I have been walking throughout my pregnancy but nearing the end I have been trying to make more of a conscious effort and walk more often than I usually would as they say fitness helps you during birth, one midwife told me giving birth is the equivalent to doing a marathon…can you even do a marathon without training?! I do the odd prenatal morning yoga routine which I do really enjoy, however when it comes down too it I’m the sort of person who has good intentions but once I get up and about I would rather do the remnants of washing up, give the house a quick hoover and put a load of washing on before I leave the house.So to get to the point, I have admitted to myself that I am not the woman who will be down the gym or in class doing workouts pregnant or not…anyway they cost the equivalent to a breast pump or a piece of nursery furniture by the time you have been a few weeks! Who knows…maybe next time, hey?

It has always been a given that I will have two birthing partners, Dan and my mum. I think from the time I realised a baby comes into the world through your vagina instead of sent by an angel in a blanket by bird I had decided I would need my mum there, and I am lucky enough that she is very much in my life and lives nearby and therefor, on call when things begin. Fingers crossed she won’t be out walking the dogs and have left her phone on the side like when I normally try and call her. Low and behold I don’t answer my phone 3 rings in, the other morning I had 7 missed calls and two texts, one saying ‘Annnnnnaaaaa’ and the other saying ‘R u there’. Turns out I was just hoovering and couldn’t hear my phone! We drank cups of tea 10 times over discussing birth and how if it takes over a certain amount of hours she will have to pop home, have a proper Yorkshire brew and a relaxing toilet break before she whizzes back up. I said knowing us, she would leave thinking I was only 3cm dilated and then when she was two minutes from home she will have to drive back up Cruella Devil style as there is no chance she will be missing this birth!

Anyway, we got onto the topic of me having to get over the initial fright of flopping my gigantic bags of milk out to feed my baby and she was saying how I wouldn’t even second guess it as I would be doing ‘Skin on Skin’ or whatever the technical term is. I said I will be sat there with my boobs out, Dan with his and then we laughed and said could you imagine if we looked over and Nanny Lise was over there topless Skin on Skin ready too!


Jokes aside, we have started reading a hypnobirthing book. I mean once you get over the initial barrier of feeling like a right twat saying you are going to say ‘surges’ instead of ‘contractions’ to stop yourself from linking it to a medical word related to pain, it actually makes a lot of sense. The reviews and feedback of hypnobirthing are too good for me not to give it a little go. We aren’t attending classes but learning how to think of things in a positive way is a really good thing for someone like me who hates hospitals and any kind of slightly stressful situation. We have listened to the CD three nights in a row now and if nothing else, then it gives me THE BEST night’s sleep I’ve had since being pregnant. I am always fast asleep by the third track and more relaxed than I have ever been before from the word go. Its even taught me to ignore Dan’s snoring if he falls asleep before me and think of it as a relaxing noise rather than one that makes me sit bolt upright and stare at him contemplating on stabbing him.

So all in all it has been a good, productive week, now to relax as we finish work for the Christmas break and make the most of our last Christmas with silent nights! I am looking forward to spending this week coming with family and having no real plans just taking each day as it comes.
Bump is growing daily, literally! Every time I see someone they comment on how fast she is growing now, best one yet was probably Pop (my step dad) I walked into their house and he looked at me and said F#%K ME, that’s not an embryo anymore…it’s a full on baby!


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