Christmas, New Year and Due Dates

Well Happy New Year to Everyone, I hope 2018 brings you all the things that you wish for! For us, it will be the year that our lives will change completely. From today, we have just 7 weeks until our due date. 2018 is going to bring us our first baby, who we are so excited to meet. I’m sure what will come with that is many ups, feeling more love than ever for both baby and Dan. Although with sleepless nights and the lessons that come with being new parents, it will also prove challenging. I feel ready for that, as much as I believe you can never be ready for what is ahead, I think I’m as ready as I will ever be for our journey together as a family of three.


I didn’t upload last Friday as we were busy enjoying our Christmas break and travelling back and forth to see family. We had a lovely time together and with the rest of our families. We enjoyed Christmas Eve, at Portland Bill and making the most of a quiet early night. As I am sure Christmas eve won’t be that quiet for many years to come.We are lucky enough to say that every day spent together is one full of smiles and laughter.

A relaxed Christmas morning in our home together followed by a marvellous dinner cooked by my mum. I’m debating if having a child means that one day soon I am going to have to be the one to host Christmas day and cook for family?! I am not capable of this…however, Dan is! He is a much better cook than me, so I will leave that to him when the day comes.

Boxing Day spent up in Devon with the other half of my family, relaxing and catching up. Not forgetting, playing with new toys, my younger brother turned 6 on Christmas Eve so there was plenty of sealed boxes to be opened containing toys that were yet to be played with. I think this was Dan’s favourite part of Christmas, we spent a good hour sat at the table with my brother and dad creating fake poo, fake snot and fart putty out of a science kit…girls aren’t as into that stuff, right? Who am I kidding, what child doesn’t enjoy that sort of thing, I know I would of at that age (and still do).


32 Week Bump

We had a midwife appointment on the 29th of December, all went well and but is measuring 31.5cm which apparently is spot on, i’m sure it measures a bit more now, it feels like it’s growing every day. Her heartbeat sounded perfect and baby was head down as she was last time. It’s amazing to think that now we are just waiting for her to put a few pounds on and then she will be fully cooked and ready to come out the oven (if only it were that simple). Now she has grown so much every movement is visible let alone one that you can feel. Laying in the bath and talking to her seems to encourage her to show off her body parts, hands, elbows, bums and backs. She pokes them all out at us.


We have made the most of the January sales, nobody told you spending money on yourself is something you are more than willing to give up when you are going to have a child. I go in a clothes shop and head straight for the children’s bit. It is all WAY to cute.There isn’t going to be enough days in the weeks to put all the cute clothes to use! We went to the Mothercare Sale and came away with a baby monitor which was something we needed so that was a big bonus. Another thing checked off the check list.

My stretch marks are more visible now, turns out having sensitive skin doesn’t help. Everything I use on them makes me itch like mad and now the midwife has told me to give up and just use my eczema cream to control the itch and keep the skin moisturised. Not fun, considering I have tried possibly every stretch mark potion there is, you’d of thought there would be one for people with dodgy skin. Anyway rant over, like the midwife said, once baby is born they will go down a bit and they are just a sign of motherhood. All of this, I am happy to except, the end result will be far more than worth it.

My latest fear is the fact that my belly button will soon be an outty! Watching it turn from the worlds deepest inny to an outty is the weirdest thing. I had the inniest inny ever, I could fit my whole little finger in it! I liked it that way. Now it is nearly out, I am freaking out a bit. People are ensuring me that it will go back in but I cannot get my head around it! Your body goes through some crazy changes and endures some weird shit whilst being pregnant. Hats off to women and the things we go through, even when we aren’t pregnant. Whether it’s through your body or pressures and perceptions people put upon you.

All in all, we had a fabulous Christmas and New Year spent with family and friends, surrounded by people we love. What more could you ask for. Next year I aim to drink a respectful amount of red wine and eat copious amounts of pâté until i can no longer function.I am excited already! Alcohol, pâté and (types of) cheese free festive periods are over rated. Bring on more family time next week for my 22nd Birthday. Even if it still won’t include wine, cheese and pâté!

So here’s to the upcoming 7(ish) weeks, classes, scans, appointments, continuing our KGH hypnobirthing, sorting, last few weeks of work, preparing and nesting. WE ARE COMING FOR YOU 2018.

Christmas Period 2017



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  1. Anonymous

    January 5, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    Here’s to the baby coming out and the innie going back in and everything being where it should be!
    Love Auntie P xo
    Ps. As a middle aged woman, fake poo sounds like lots of fun to me.

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