Antenatal Classes, Placentas and Scans

Another week has flown by, leaving us just 6 weeks until we are due to meet our baby! We have had quite a busy week, attending our first antenatal class, birthdays and an extra little scan! Also week 34 has seemed to bring the new challenge of Dan shaving my legs and lady garden. It seems i can no longer reach without looking like a beached whale being in distress and discomfort. It’s an interesting experience, I feared for my life.

Party Time

So I turned 22 on Monday, happy days. Sounds a lot older than 21 for some reason. I had two birthday meals (spoilt, i know), spent lovely time with my lovely family and had some lovely gifts. My last birthday without being a mummy, it’s the little things that make you realise things will never be the same again. Thank you everyone for my birthday cards, wishes, presents and love. I am one lucky girl to have the people i do, with me at every stage in my life. Family and friends appreciation is much needed.

Birthday Celebrations

Monday night me and Dan watched ‘The Walking Dead’ ate a fatboy chinese and drank non alcoholic cider. Asleep by 10.30, perfect. I actually have not missed having the life of a 21/22 year old in the slightest since i haven’t been able to drink. Granted i was never a mad party animal, but don’t under estimate me, in the right company i did enjoy the odd night out. It is over rated though, in my opinion. Home comforts, pjs and being able to sit on the toilet without your head spinning and wondering what other kind of bodily fluids you are sharing your toilet break with is ace.

Tonight, i am going to enjoy my last birthday meal with friends at The Handmade Pie and Ale House, i am very excited. It’s true what they say, women seem to be able to string their birthdays out for a whole week! Maybe not next year!

Antenatal Class Number One

This Wednesday we had our first antenatal class, it was actually quite enjoyable. We are lucky to have the NHS and the service it provides us. Long may it live. We were sat in a circle of what seemed to be people a lot older than us, i think they were nearer my mums age than ours. But everyone was lovely and easy to get on with. We went round and introduced ourselves in our couples and i think every single couple was married. So by the time it got round to us and we’d heard about 10 lots of ‘Hi i’m Jeff and this is my wife Karen’, and it got to poor Dan and he was like ‘I’m Dan and this is Anna’ he turned to me afterwards and said ‘I was going to say this is Anna my NOT wife but i feel like we should wait until people get to know us until we show our inappropriate and slightly awkward humour’.

We got into it and i learnt what my cervix looked like and what it would then look like as you squeeze a human body out of your vajayjay. Don’t know if ignorance is better in those cases to be honest. But hey, it’s nature.

An appropriate facial expression that a younger me could get away with doing

We were then told to decide how we wanted to give birth to our placenta. Would we have the injection to get it all over and done with or would we prefer to leave it in there and deliver it naturally. Now, i understand everyone has different views and opinions, but mine is that i think at that stage i will be on cloud 9 with my baby on my chest, i don’t particularly want to hang around for a boneless lump of stuff to fall out of my flandango. Just jab me, get it out and let me close my legs. Who knew there were such options in life.

We had discussions about what would make our birth easier in an ideal world, and i decided a bit of music in the background, which i think was a good choice as i’m sat here chilling writing this with a bit of Paul Weller and Tom Walker, the world is a better place with a bit of music. Also, dim light, which i’m told is possible in hospital, i don’t fancy them bright clinical lights. Midwives also seem to be keen on the importance of the chemical oxytocine, so choosing the right birthing partner(s), hugs, massages (sorry Dan), love and humour. I understand humour is a difficult one, for me in the earlier stages i feel like it would help, but i also understand why some people would want to slap their better half whilst they were cracking jokes.

Apparently we are supposed to be sleeping less now, as mammals we supposedly get our bodies ready for the lack of sleep by waking in the night and being more restless. So, I am obviously an exception because on my days off recently i have been falling asleep at about 10.30/11pm and not waking up until 11am the next day. Fantastic right now, but basically, when baby comes i am F#*KED!


We had a scan today, it was probably the weirdest one yet for seeing her on screen. She has gotten so big that you don’t really know what your looking at until the sonographer tells yous. Everything was good and normal which is always nice, except for the sightly large factor that she has turned around and is in breach position…SERIOUSLY?! After 6+ weeks of knowing she was head down and getting ready she flips round. The sonographer said it is still possible that she could turn but where baby is now so long it also shouldn’t come as a surprise if she doesn’t.

I am told my midwife will check baby’s position again next week and if she hasn’t changed, another scan and then who knows. The dreaded C-Section, so they say. The one thing i have prayed not to happen throughout the entire pregnancy. So please join me in keeping fingers crossed that our little monkey turns round and stays there. Not such good news to end the week on. But hey, she is healthy and perfect in every way, down to the hairs on her head (which we got to see today), our baby has hair! However it happens, she has to come out so I will try not to stress to much about things that are out of my control…she says!

This week i did also half pack my hospital bag and baby’s hospital bag and i will do a separate post about what i finally decided to put in and how long it took me when i have finished packing it…I think i re-wrote my lists about 17 times before i actually put any items in a bag! That’s just me. So hopefully an extra post coming up on Wednesday.

Thank you for reading, Anna xx


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