Breastfeeding, Breech Babies and Bed

This week has felt super busy when actually it’s been pretty normal, midwife appointments, breastfeeding classes and work but i have felt so tired again. They say it comes back when you are 30+ weeks, i thought i had gotten away with it…who was i kidding?

On Monday I packed my hospital bags, you may have seen my extra post about that and my long lists of what i included. Since then i have thought about adding some arnica tablets…I was told once by a nurse that it helps with bruising and swelling and is really useful up to, during and after labour but i wasn’t sure. Now i think more than three people have suggested it so i may be taking a trip to Holland and Barrett to pick up some of those.

Cold, Wet Walk

I also woke up feeling empowered and amazing and thought…I’m going to go for a walk in the rain on my own with my music in my ears and enjoy the outdoors! Which i did do, but turns out it was raining a lot heavier than i thought and got home soaking wet and freezing. Would i of done this normally…NO. It must be those crazy hormones! It was worth it though. On a serious not I do hope i enjoy walking this much when baby is here.


Another midwife appointment this week but I had a different midwife, i seem to have a different one each time as mine went on maternity leave, they are all nice but this one was a lot younger and i found her really easy to talk too which was nice. She looked through my notes and saw that i had my scan and that little one was in breech position. I told her i was really nervous about this as the sonographer told me it meant i would definitely be having a C-Section and that i was super unlikely that baby would turn around and with that she looked and me and said listen to none of that, she’s not a midwife and she has informed you wrongly. With that i instantly felt better knowing i had weeks for baby to spin and that only 1 of 4 babies don’t get into the right position so my chances were good.

With that, she felt babies position…and she was back head down with a nice healthy heartbeat, all well and good. She told me ways of knowing which parts of baby were where so that if i thought she had turned back to breech i could feel or get Dan to feel rather than waiting for the next appointment and worrying about it.

Dan reading to bump

She also told me a fews ways of helping to  keep baby down the right way such as sitting certain ways and using a pregnancy ball (which i bought, but in the wrong size)! She also said that Dan talking down there is a way she would stay put, so that evening as we read our hypnobirthing book Dan has his head on my lap and read. I think baby must have loved it she was very active.

Other than that all well with the appointment and i have booked in my next one, which is a double appointment as it is apparently when they talk…birthing and labour! Scary stuff.

On Wednesday i worked in the morning, it was the busiest morning i have had in ages and it has well and truly done me in. My hips hurt and i am more tired than ever. I am looking forward to the 26th (which is my last day) purely because i am starting to feel more a nuisance than anything else, it takes me about 4 years to get off the floor and i can’t seem to get comfortable in any position.

Same goes for sleeping again. Those lie ins i told you about, yeah well, they were short lived and i have gone right back to not sleeping well. It takes me a good 2 minutes to get from one side to the other and then i find out i am no better off on that side anyway. And sods law if i am more comfortable two seconds later i can always count on my bladder being full. Rubbish! It’s like being back in the first trimester where i could sleep for hours it’s just that now i can’t actually stay asleep. I wake up feeling no more refreshed than the day before. So much for getting your sleep in before baby comes.

We had our breastfeeding class this week which was really good. I learnt a fair bit about positions and how much baby is likely to feed depending on how many days old they are. I felt as though some things were a bit pushed which i sort of expected. I think it is a very personal thing that everyone will want to do differently and find their own ways of how it works for them and baby and not too worry if you don’t to feed your child up until its nearly two or if you don’t want to get your boob out without something over you. Same goes for if you do want to do all of that, it is just as great. As long as you and baby are happy, what else could be more important? However, on the bright side, the feeding lady did say, you can drink wine!!!! I was assuming they would say you can have 1 glass a week or something…nope you can be normal again. YAY. Obviously i understand she doesn’t mean go and get drunk but a glass of wine i am looking forward too.

I am writing this from my bed as i have been up all night with a sore throat and a bad headache, irony is i probably have this because of lack of sleep or something! Anyway i am spending my day dosing up on paracetamol, drinking lots and trying to catch up on some sleep. Rest is the best cure. Dan will also be grateful i would imagine. Yesterday i was a hormonal, emotional wreck, i’m guessing it was because of this little something my immune system is fighting. I had the feeling yesterday of not feeling 100% but i couldn’t put my finger on what it was. So now i know and i can get some sleep and recover quickly it should be at last 48 hours until my next episode of ‘crazy pregnant lady’.

So now with my hospital bits packed, baby back in the right position, one more week of work and classes nearly finished and my baby shower on Sunday we have nearly reached the end of pregnancy and the beginning of life with a baby! I feel great about that and i think i am starting to understand where women come from when they say they are ready for baby to be here now. As much as i have enjoyed the latter part of pregnancy i am starting to look forward to the days where i can wear normal(ish) clothes again and be comfortable in bed (even if i am still being kept awake). I can only imagine how more inviting that sounds the nearer your due date you get. Although I do think i will miss my bump after a while.

See you next week, thank you for reading, Anna xx

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