Baby Showers, Breathing and Baby Brain

Poorly people

This week has been a lovely one filled with baby showers, breathing classes and baby brain.
Although it began with me feeling just as shite as i did at the end of last week, although i am now happy to say other than the odd cough (I’m glad I’ve been doing my pelvic floor exercises) i am back to normal. WOOHOO. Dan however, now has the illness although he can take all things wonderful to help him feel better! Oh how i long to be reunited with night nurse. I have kept up my walking and the use of my birthing ball to help baby stay down and it actually turns out that my birthing ball is the only place i can actually sit comfortably.

Over the weekend I had a lovely baby shower planned by my fabulous mummy and my brothers wonderful girlfriend. Despite feeling ill, I had such a lovely time and I can’t thank all my family and close friends enough for coming and all the time and effort put into it, i am a very lucky girl. It was full of all things pink, Yorkshire Tea in china cups, scones with clotted cream and jam, sandwiches and cupcakes, I mean what more could a girl want? I was swamped with beautiful gifts for us and baby, super cute, needed and much appreciated presents.

We played some games, including people filling out sheets on their guess of baby’s name, weight, length, birth date and some words of advice. Baby charades (it was really interesting to see family members impression of what they looked like giving birth)! And guess the size of my bump with a bit of string. A few hours filled of love, laughter and family, just what Sunday’s are for!

This week me and Dan had our relaxation and breathing class which i was a little bit skeptical about. I had no idea what to expect. But i was actually pleasantly surprised. We first walked in and giggled to ourselves because i wrote my postcode in forgetting to put the town that I lived in next to it. The woman shouted after me in a super loud voice asking me where i lived, I jumped out my skin and replied really quickly and sheepishly. Dan looked at me and pulled the ‘Jesus Christ’ face and we were like naughty school kids trying not to laugh at the back of class.

It’s needless to say she was much nicer than what first impressions made us think, she just had a naturally loud voice with a strong welsh accent. She showed us natural ways of moving when in labour which would help baby move down further and easier and how birthing partners can support these positions and breathe with us to help us concentrate. I did struggle with one position due to costume choice. With our partners sat on chairs with their legs open we had to open our own legs, squat down facing away from them and lean on their knees. Really comfortable and good for a shoulder massage, but maybe not when your in a room full of strangers with giant holes in your leggings showing everyone your horrible knickers and pasty white leg skin.
A lot of it actually crossed over with our hypnobirthing, for example, the breathing and techniques you can use to make yourself more comfortable to help you try and birth naturally.

Dan also learnt how to massage me (#WINNING) and he was told to practice this right up until birth, YES! He has been practicing too…

Massage Practice!

We got to test out the different aromatherapy oils the hospital uses, turns out i like frankincense, rose and lavender best. Handy to know, as they are now quite a popular thing in the hospital i will be giving birth in. Lastly, we got to lay down and cuddle up as if we were going to sleep and spent the last 15 minutes meditating, now it sounds a bit hippy, but it was the best thing ever, so relaxing and amazing how it zones you into your breathing and nothing else distracts you. Over all, a really good worthwhile experience.

I have also found this week, i’ve been a victim of baby brain. I don’t think i’ve had it up until now, i mean i used it as an excuse¬† but nothing major. This week I went into town to do a few things, had a good constructive time, on the way back to the car thought to myself ‘I’ll get my keys out now’ could i find them…no? Searched through my bag and all the bags i had with me, pockets, nothing. Got back to my car and they were on the drivers seat and a woman came up to me and practically told me off, ‘you left your car unlocked and your keys in the door!’ Oh right, yeah not good…but calm down lady, all is okay now. I said thank you and as i turned to her and she saw my bump, she giggled to herself and walked off. Brilliant!

I also find my brain is always in a scatty state, working 100 miles per hour. Walking into rooms to do something and doing 15 other things instead and then 2 hours later remember and go and do the exact same thing again. That one thing i really want to do never actually ends up getting done…couldn’t even tell you what it is!

I also text my best friend thinking I was having a conversation with Dan even though i hadn’t even text him once that day? Poor Charlotte got the ins and outs of our sleeping arrangements and his snoring and Dan got away with hearing none of it!

And my last thing to mention….I have officially finished work for my maternity leave! I thought this day would never come. I had a more relaxed last day than expected and got given some lovely gifts from my lovely colleagues and a nice card. Dan and I were chuffed with all of it (especially the Prezzos Voucher)! Did i hear someone say DATE NIGHT before baby comes! I am done with alarms for a year now…well electronic ones anyway, i will have a human one before i know it!

Thanks for reading, Anna xx

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