Could this be the month?

February is here which means one thing…our baby is due this month.

Will we meet her this month is a different story, i do hope so, but i also wouldn’t be surprised if she makes us wait until the beginning of March. Can i blame her? I don’t think so, I am fashionably late 9 times out of 10 so who am I to judge?! After all, better late than never. Mind you, I was early when it was my time to enter the world. First and last time being early for anything.

So i have now decided to take the calm approach when thinking of all stages of labour and having a little human that solely relies on Dan and I. Give or take the odd 10 minutes where I get too comfortable around Dan and have a mini panic, then realise that it would be great if i didn’t make him think about leaving me before the baby actually arrives. Aside from the little hiccups I have here and there being calm is actually working out really well for me! I definitely should of tried it earlier.

Despite this, I have adopted new issues in my head, which i seem to be really good at by the way. Not big ones, in fact I think they are so small that they only bother me for about 0.9 seconds a day, I mean these can be things ranging from, am I going to have to get my head around the idea that clutter and mess is going to become a day to day thing now?! To thinking, am I really going to have to be sociable and have visitors after I have just gone through labour, followed by my first few sleepless nights and getting the hang of breastfeeding? I suppose this is a different matter for everyone and obviously depends on who your talking about when you say ‘visitors’.

I have made progress in the babies room and have now washed all of her clothes. When I say all of her clothes, we have a lot that range from newborn up to 9-12 months I have boxed away 6 months+ so they are ready for when the time comes and have kept all the sizes smaller than that out, washed them and put them away nicely. I have made an order in the chest of drawers and co-ordinated the hung up clothes in the wardrobe by coloured hangers (whether it will stay that way, we shall see) and at the bottom of the wardrobe are cute little baskets to make an order of everything else. It looks so cute!

I have read the last few weeks of Clemmie Hoopers ‘How to Grow A Baby‘ and I actually feel a lot better about the small things that nobody really asks or talks about, including not feeling so guilty if my vagina gets a little regrowth. I mean Dan is very good at keeping to my shaving routine as I now find it’s not even worth me attempting to get down there, I would end up needing stitches before I’ve even given birth. But it is nice to know that midwives don’t actually give two shits and there are actually a few advantages to letting it get a bit bushy, getting rid of the possible issues of itchy regrowth and ingrown hairs after birth. Doesn’t sound too pleasant to be honest.

So my first week of maternity leave is already over, it has treated me well! I have got through a fair bit on my ‘To-Do’ List, although I’m not rushing it as I don’t want to have completed it and sit around waiting for baby to come, as I am sure that is not what will encourage her. I have met friends and family, drank tea and eaten cakes. And on that note, found a love of baking. I love it, i always did, but i forgot just how much! Something to keep me occupied in these last few weeks. Also a good excuse to eat cake before I no longer have the ‘baby wants cake’ to fall back on. Anyway, I am secretly ready to get back to healthy eating (not that we eat unhealthily now but I mean properly), and exercise that isn’t just walking.

37 Weeks & Wearing PJ Bottoms In Public

So another week down, leaving us just three to go before our due date. Early or late, we are so ready to meet you baby, I cannot wait to tell you how much I love you face to face.

Week 37 is also the first time I have gone to the shop in my pyjama bottoms! I did dress the top half and put make up on and I THINK I got away with it…but i am officially sick of leggings!

Thank you for reading…Anna xx


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