Nesting, Family and feeling like a whale

Two weeks (hopefully not four) to go. I’m not going to lie the countdown is now getting a little bit tedious, in the sense that I now feel like such a huge whale and find any kind of day to day activity exhausting and extremely difficult. Whilst saying this I am also trying to treasure every moment I have left with my bump as I can already tell I am going to miss it.


Bump at 37+5 = barrier to day to day activities


I vow to never take the simplest things for granted again, things like, rolling over in bed, getting on and off the bed, picking things up off of the floor, i mean the list goes on. Socks and shoes are a thing of the past. I have a meltdown if Dan is at work and i need to put them on myself, I have found it is best to put aside an extra 10-15 minutes for this particular activity. Maybe this is another thing that prepares you for having a child, putting aside extra time to actually get out of the door.




Mind you, none of the above has stopped me this week! Nesting hit hard. I have washed more household items than you can imagine, some i’m not even sure should of been washed, I rang Dan at least twice telling him that the washing machine sounded like it was going to blow up and to find a back up one in case we have to act fast and buy a new one! I have emptied every cupboard in every room of the house, cleaned it out and re-organised the entire contents and with the company of my mum, dusted beyond normal crevices, washed skirting boards and washed the inside and outside of all of our windows. It feels amazing!

I don’t know if this is considered nesting but cooking/baking I have started to really enjoy. Cooking is less enjoyable but now i am not at work i think it is nice for Dan to be able to come home to some food on the table rather than get in from work and have to stand there cooking. Don’t get me wrong, he still cooks on the weekend! And baking, well…I love it! It’s an expensive hobby mind you, and not great for the waistline. But I make a different cake twice a week(ish). They do go down a treat. I am looking forward to one day in the next few years, having a little friend to bake with.

I am continuing to walk every day to try and make labour easier, whether this works or not we shall find out, but hey it’s only doing me good either way. I normally go with my mum…just in case something were to happen now. We aim for near to or just over 2 miles a day. I love it, especially just lately it’s been cold but sunny and we shout at each other over the noise of wind and look at each other with snot and tears running down our face. Which by the way is due to weather not emotions, well most of the time anyway. Then on the weekend we go with Dan and Pop (my wonderful stepdad) maybe followed by a nice pub lunch. Perfection.

Maternity leave has given me the time to see people I wouldn’t normally see much more often. Nan, mum, my aunty and I were ladies what lunched this week, which is something everyone would love to do on a weekly basis but life just gets in the way. So time to do things like that I am thankful for. Time is precious after all.

So next week I am looking forward to more of the above, and to continue to find things to sort and clean before baby arrives. There is always something, and it saves me from being sat in the day which apparently doesn’t help baby get where she needs to be.

See you here next week, unless baby comes early, then I might just let myself miss a blog!

Thanks for reading, Anna xx

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