Waiting Games Are Not Fun

We are still here, waiting, waiting and some more waiting. I am impatient and it isn’t even my due date yet. Purely because I am growing tired of braxton hicks and generally feeling ‘meh’. I seem to be tired but unable to sleep and just bloody uncomfortable. We are ready when you are baby girl!

One of our many walks this week was maiden castle…hills not made for pregnant people, period.  But it felt good and the wind made me feel like i was on top of the world, once i was up there. On the way down i didn’t actually do much walking i jut hung on to Dan or Paul and slid down behind them. Do not try this at home if you are pregnant.

I saw the midwife on Tuesday and all is good and where it should be at this point. She told me all the signs of labour too look out for and we went over my birth plan once more. Which to be honest, is pretty non-existent. I have gone for the ‘just go with it’ approach as i don’t want to be disappointed by anything. What will be will be. My main points are to do my hypnobirthing and to be left alone as much as possible. It was surreal as before I left and we arranged my next appointment she said ‘oh you will be 40 weeks that day, so I might not see you!’. That was a strange thing to hear.

Dan and I celebrated valentine’s day for the first time since we have been together. I mean, we always grab each other a card but we don’t really do much more. This year we thought, why not, could be our last meal out just the two of us for a while so we made use of one of the gifts I was given when I left work and had a nice meal at Prezzo’s. We had the best time, it’s actually been a while since we did something like that and we laughed and laughed. Between Dan and his new body language (he has started pointing at me when talking to me, RUDE), during the meal he actually used his wedge of pizza to point at me instead of his finger! Then as we were leaving he got told off by and old lady, standard.

This week my car tyre got a puncture. Fab timing. What is it with cars, my cars anyway. They never seem to go a month without a problem. I definitely get car picking genes from my dad…although I don’t think he would admit that. I remember driving up to Devon with him and pretty much seeing the road beneath me. Slight exaggeration but there was definitely a hole in the floor. My car is now fixed and just in time, maybe?

Our next to me is set up in the bedroom, awaiting our new ‘roomy’. It was a lovely moment, putting it up and putting all the bedding on it. I think we sat and starred at it for a while and then my nesting kicked in. I sorted through all the wardrobes in our bedroom etc. Order is back! I have made space for the pushchair and we put her little chair up. All of her clothes are washed, ironed and put away neatly. It is so exciting, whether she comes today or in a few weeks, she is going to be here so soon and that fills me with love and excitement! I think Dan has told her enough times that it is safe to come out now and that we are looking forward to meeting her. I’m hoping sooner or later she decides to listen to her Daddy!

It has been a nice week, doing my last few bits, having a pj day with mum on the day it absolutely poured, walking, quality time with my favourite human and although I moan about waiting to meet our little girl, I would wait forever and a day.

Thanks for reading, I’m secretly hoping you don’t hear from me next week as that will mean she’s either here or on her way…after all a week today is my due date. Although I write my blogs on a Thursday so they go up automatically on Friday which gives her 24 hours. Mind you a lot can happen within that time! EVERYONE CROSS YOUR FINGERS.

P.S. We have a name!! Nobody knows it and we are going to keep it that way. But baby has a name!

Anna xx

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