Hospitals, New Baby and Feeding

Our first few days with Immy were so special. We spent most of our time starring at her in disbelief. Learning to adapt to what your new baby is both exciting and wearing. I wouldn’t change any of it for anyone or anything.

I completely agree when people say nothing can prepare you for the things ahead. Immy wouldn’t latch on when i was trying to feed her. Little did we know it was because she had jaundice and wasn’t feeling too special. I persisted for a few days. I think by the end of it I was stressed and so was Immy. We then found out she was poorly and I asked the midwife if it was best to give her formula. The midwife said i could carry on trying to feed and express. Something inside me knew it wasn’t the right thing to do as she was showing so many signs of hunger.

Eventually, the pediatrician came and said she was dehydrated so we finally felt able to give her some formula. From then on Immy was like a different baby, content and happy. Dan and I decided together that there was no point messing her around and frustrating both her and myself even more, so we started to bottle feed. I expressed what i could and I was happy knowing that she was happy.

When they realised Immy had jaundice it meant 2 blood tests from her heel and being put under her lamp for 12 hours. As a new mum, it was felt so wrong to not be able to hold your baby. It was difficult to watch her cry and be unable to comfort her. They were the longest 12 hours of our life. We both felt so helpless. Another reason why i felt bottle feeding was right for us, one less thing for us all to worry about. We spent the next 3 days waiting for blood tests, watching them being done and then being told she had to go back under the lamp and wait for more tests.

Eventually Immy seemed a lot better and we had to wait for one more lot of tests to be carried out and come back and then hopefully get the go ahead to go home. Luckily, we did! 11.30pm that night we were discharged. Strange time of day to go home but we were so done with being in hospital and the room we had was tiny, you could hardly even walk around the bed. So we had decided that day, no matter what time…we were going home!

Both Immy and I picked up much quicker once we were home. It felt amazing to be in my own bed, shower in my own shower and to be able to get on with things without feeling watched. Don’t get me wrong the majority of the midwives were brilliant but i couldn’t but help but feel some weren’t so keen once we had stopped breastfeeding. Dan was happier knowing me and Immy were more relaxed and settled. We were finally able to feel like a proper little family and get things in some sort of order.



Our midwife came to visit and weighed Immy, we were over the moon as she only lost the equivalent to a teaspoon of milk which the midwife said was brilliant considering she didn’t eat for the best part of two days. She checked my wound which was all good and did the heel prick test. Everything was as it should be.

So all in all, the end of our stay at hospital proved difficult and brought on a few tears! Safe to say there’s no place like home!

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