Did I Give Birth?

I gave birth to Imogen by Cesarean Section. I often think to myself, does that count as giving birth? The more I think about it, the more I decide, yes it does.

Whilst pregnant, C-Section was my worst nightmare. Now, looking back I think maybe it was right for me. When I was told I needed a C-Section my first thought was ‘my body has failed’. It sounds silly in hindsight.

When you have carried a baby for months and thought about the first time you were going to meet that baby and then out of no where all of that is no more, it can be hard to get your head around. I would do it all over again tomorrow if it meant having Immy here with us safely but that doesn’t change the disappointment I felt when I new I wouldn’t deliver her vaginally.

Whilst I was sat there listening too all of the statistics and risks of the operation I couldn’t help thinking how structured and clinical this all suddenly felt and that was the one thing I really didn’t want for my labour and birth.

The Doctor explained to me that if I decided to have any more children I would have the option of elected ceserean and before I had even had this baby I was already thinking about how I would never deliver vaginally. Obviously, this isn’t the case I can also choose to go for natural if all is well. Although, this would mean I would have to have baby early.

Luckily for me, I have recovered really quickly and was up and about the same day I had the surgery. I think this has helped me in the way I think of C-Sections as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do things with Immy when she was born, however, this was definitely not the case.

My feelings on C-Section have completely changed. Giving birth is a big thing no matter how it is done. Whether you give birth vaginally, start that way and end up needing help or having a C-Section despite hours of labour, or whether you go straight in for C-Section. Your body has still carried and made a perfect little human.

A Cesarean isn’t ‘the easy way out’ as some people say. It is major surgery and is beyond daughnting. It also limits skin on skin and the length of time you get with baby straight after they are born. Obviously, once Immy had been checked and the cord had been cut she was put on my chest but due to tubes and screens we couldn’t manage skin on skin and I didn’t have enough room to hold her comfortably for a long length of time. You then have to go through being stitched up. For me this took just over an hour.

As I said above, I was lucky enough to recover quickly. But getting in and out of bed to start with was uncomfortable and I felt as though if I attempted to stand upright I would split back open. And then comes the six weeks of not driving. I am able to do everything now, except drive. But it does mean you are more dependent on others in those first weeks of being at home.

Growing a baby and giving birth to it is no easy task. How they come out in the end really is nothing in the grand scheme of things and each way has their own difficulties. If Dan and I have another child I will not worry about needing a C-Section. I will just continue to thank my body for all it has given me and delivering my baby safely.

One way or another, baby has to come out. However that happens, every woman should be proud of themselves!

Thank you for reading…Anna xx

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