My Best Bits

Over these past five and a bit weeks there have been some amazing memories. All of the best bits of having a newborn will be memories i keep forever. There have also been some bits that are tough! Have a read to find out what I found to be the best bits and the hard bits of being a new mum.

The Best Bits
  • Constant Love – Every time I look at my lovely little baby I feel an amount of love that I have never felt before. That feeling in your heart, tummy and bones. I love her more than I love anything in the world.
  • Being out and about – The only way I can describe it is like when you walk your new puppy for the first time. Times 1000. Everyone stops too look and ask questions about you and the little one. Everyone is also extra nice! Holding doors, offering seats etc. Humans are ace.

    We Love Being Outside
  • Pushing a Pram – Wow. It feels so lovely to walk and push a pram. I could (and do) walk miles and miles. I absolutely love it. You also get that nod of approval from other mums and dads pushing their pushchairs like you’re in a club.
  • Purpose – Not that I ever felt like there wasn’t purpose. But now, more than ever, I feel a huge sense of purpose to life. Like this is what I am meant to be doing.
  • Cuddles – Cuddles beyond cuddles. I have chosen not to co-sleep and try and put Immy down as much I can in the day when sleeping so she doesn’t get used to being held. However, at the same time as this, newborns need loving and cuddles. So we have lots and lots of them. Whether it is chilling on the sofa, skin on skin or general walking around snuggling. Cuddles are the best.
  • Smiles of Love – Everyone in your family meeting the new addition. Seeing smiles that can only mean love is amazing. Smiles that show happiness and amazement is such a lovely sight.
  • Being told your baby looks like you – Not going to lie, it feels great. The more she grows the more it is looking like she will look more like me. Also, when her hair is wet, she has the curls and that’s how mine started out. YIPPEE FOR CURLY HAIR.
  • Cups of tea – These are the best bits because they are few and far between now. It is rare you finish one, and if you do it is normally cold. So when you get a nice hot cup of Yorkshire Gold, you know you are winning at life.
  • Daniel – Similar to the way I look at Immy, I now look at Dan in a new way. I always loved him and felt happy when I saw him. But now it feels different. He is such a fantastic Dad and it makes me feel so lucky to have the little family that we do. I couldn’t of asked for a more, supportive, hands on and lovely better half. Thanks Spud x




The Toughest Bits
  • The Unknown – I Imagine (or hope) that this gets slightly easier when your baby can talk. But when they’re so tiny and have no way of communicating, a cry can mean a thousand things. Normally it’s fine, nappy change, milk or sleep. Bish Bash Bosh. But Immy has suffered with a bit of colic and straining. Deep down you know this is what the issue is but god, that girl can scream. Every now and then she is so inconsolable that I start to think, is this definitely just colic?
  • Sleep – Although I personally, much prefer the ‘newborn tiredness’ to ‘pregnancy tiredness’ it can still be wearing. I am lucky to have Dan by my side who is more than involved in the night. By 9.30 am I am well awake and ready for the day. But that first hour of the morning I am so convinced I need to stay in bed for a whole 10 days.

    Loving Being Put In Her Carseat
  • Car seats – I don’t know if this is just our child, but she does not like going in her car seat. Loves it once she is in there, but being put in there is just a simple, nope.
  • Judgments – Everyone has an opinion on EVERYTHING you do with your child. Some nice people keep it to themselves others don’t. It is literally the worst thing as a new first time mum to be told you are doing the ‘wrong’ thing. Or that you should be doing something differently. Whether it is, putting your child on social media, sleeping arrangements, feeding, clothing or comforters. None of it is okay, what works for you and your child is right. What works for some may not work for others. There isn’t a wrong way of doing things.
  • Emotions – My hormones have leveled back out now, or so I think. I am less snappy and dramatic (well I am still those things, but at a normal level for me)! But linking to the point above, sometimes you can want to burst into tears. But emotions can be difficult to handle when you don’t get much sleep and have post pregnancy hormones raging around your body.
  • Quality Time – As much as I would never change having Immy and I am the happiest I have ever been in life. I miss a bit of quality time with Dan. I know this will become easier when Immy is older and stays at Nannys etc. But getting into bed and having a chat and a cuddle is no longer a thing. We get into bed and we are out for the count until our little human alarm goes off.
  • Time – Getting time to see everyone you want too in the week is impossible. The days blur into one and before you know it you are off again. Also, I can no longer just walk out the door, it takes about half an hour to pack the bag, get everyone and everything into the car. And in another sense, time with our tiny new born is going way too fast. I wish it would slow down. I am trying my best to enjoy every second!
  • Toileting – you do not go to the toilet by yourself ever again unless there is another adult in the house. Period.
    Toilet Time With Company

    Thank you for reading…Anna xx

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