Shit, Sick and Smiles

We have had a lovely week. Quality time with Daddy thanks to the Easter Bank Holidays. Although, it has definitely been more full of shit than ever before! Our little lady has finally learnt how to poo herself without her body doing it involuntary and I am convinced she is just doing it for fun!

We have gone through nappies like never before. She’s always been very good at wet nappies, not so fab at dirty ones. Well that is a thing of the past! We have shit coming out of our ears…LITERALLY.

Top scoring poo: Sitting on Pop, massive poo. We all laughed and joked and then all of a sudden Pauls face dropped. He started shouting ‘MY LEG IS WET!’. He lifted her up and shit had leaked all over him! Hilarious! He just held her up in the air like the had the plague until I took her off of him.

We had such a lovely long weekend as family of three. Dan had an insight of day in day out life with the baba now she no longer sleeps all day long. He was shattered!! Ready to go back to work I think! He is so good with her. I am very proud of him. We spend 90% of our time in fits at laughter. The other night Immy was sick whilst Dan was changing her nappy and he whipped her into the recovery position so fast! It was so funny.

Immy and I have had a packed week full of friends! On Thursday me and Edie took her to monkey world. Really we just wanted to go so taking Immy was our excuse. Obviously she slept the whole time. Me and Edie had a brilliant time!

This week was the first time I was without Immy. Admittedly, it was only for 20 minutes…if that. Daddy and Immy went wild at asda on their own. I think I actually shed a tear. Her little face in car seat as Dan walked out the door with her. They survived and she came back snoring her little head off.

Towards the end of the week the sun put it’s hat on and we all felt so good. So good that Immy even attempted to smile! It is so nice to see her with a little grin on her face. We are the happiest little family and I am so happy they are mine! Everyday our love grows bigger and bigger.

Thanks for reading…Anna xx

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