The Most Magical Day Of Our Lives

Our jouney has begun. Wednesday the 21st of February turned out to be the most magical day of our lives. A day i will never ever forget. We welcomed Imogen Jane Osborne into the world feeling more love and unexplainable emotions than ever before.

Our day started at 1am, my waters broke. I woke Dan up and he looked at me and said ‘you’ve probably just wet yourself’ and went back to sleep. Safe to say I hadn’t just wet myself! We went into the bathroom and they continued to trickle. They trickled all night long, none of this “gush” i was expecting. I rang labour line and she said she would ring me back early morning with a time to go into hospital.

We (meaning I) didn’t sleep at all from then onwards. After days of eating spicy food, walking 2+ miles a day, eating pineapple, you name it, i tried it. I couldn’t believe it might actually happen. I started contracting about an hour after my waters started to go. They were only 3 in 40 minutes to start with and feeling like strong period pains. By 4am they were 10 minutes a part, much stronger and caused me to have 3 runny poos. Sorry for the TMI but it felt great after being constipated for the majority of my pregnancy.

Labour line rang me back at 7am and told me to go to hospital in an hour, they would check my waters and go from there. So we packed our hospital bags in the car just incase. We honestly thought we would be heading home for a few hours to let things progress. I was monitored for half an hour and all was good. The midwife felt my bump and looked at me unsure on position of baby, especially after seeing she was breech at 34 weeks in my notes. They scanned me and of course, baby was breech! They think she never turned. This would explain why she never engaged.

Dan rang my mum and told her to come up to the hospital. She did just as i mentioned she would in an earlier blog and drove Cruella Devil style and got herself a speeding ticket. WOOPS! Meanwhile the doctor was explaining my options, a natural birth which he didn’t recommend as I was already high risk. He explained he could attempt to turn her but as I had no waters left, this wouldn’t be too comfortable and comes with the risk of stressing baby out. Which left us with the c-section option. I thought i had avoided it! So as it was best for baby and I, we went with that.

An hour later and we were walking down to theatre. I had hugged my mum who held it together well! Dan in his scrubs and I in my gownie. I was so scared, so scared that the rest of my waters evacuated my body on the walk down, my midwife was ensuring me they clean up worse. I sat on the operating table, which no kidding was the width of a childs slide! Now the spinal hurt less than having the cannula put in my hand, so that was a nice surprise. As i was laying down I already couldn’t feel my legs. I was shaking so uncontrollably, i’m guessing that was nerves and adrenaline.

Dan was amazing with me, between my silent tears and giggles of nerves he never left my side and was so reassuring. Before i knew it my catheter was in and the ‘tent‘ was up. The surgeon, midwives and anesthetists had their huddle and introduced themselves and began. I can only describe the feeling as being a washing machine which had a pair of shoes being spun around in there. Bizarre but painless. 10 minutes later we heard our little lady crying, that instant our lives had changed forever and the only thing that was important was her. Little did we know she had shit all over the surgeon who was busy changing his scrubs. Dan went over to help dry her off and cut the cord. She was put on my chest and i can’t even begin to explain how much i loved every bit of her.

The anesthetist had taken some hilarious pictures of us, me photo bombing Dan and Immy with a huge grin on my face. An hour later i was all sewn up and ready for skin to skin with our new baby, Nanny Lise met us in the corridor for a peek at her first grandchild. The first few hours were so surreal.

Our first week was mostly spent in hospital as Immy had to spend the majority of it under a lamp due to jaundice. But now we’re home, safe and sound. Happier than we have ever been. I will update you on our first weeks in my next post.

Such a huge thank you to my mum, who has been there more than i could of ever hoped for. Anything we need, she’s on it. She has been there for cuddles on my tearful days and just for advice when i need it. I am hoping to be as good too Immy as you are to me. I love you. We love you.

Last but not least, to my absolute rock, Dan. I never imagined how much i would need you. You were perfect every time i was scared, you knew what to say and how to make it all better. Then seeing you with our daughter and seeing just how much you loved her made me fall in love with you in a way i didn’t even know was possible. I am forever thankful to you for her. So excited for all the new adventures we have coming our way.

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