The Sun Has Got His Hat On

The sun has arrived. Although by the time you read this, maybe it has already left.

The sun makes all the difference, walks are less of a chore and more of a choice. The garden becomes your lounge. Feet come out. Thank you world for flip flops. Life becomes that little bit happier and the world seems a little bit more of a better place.

It does come with this whole health and safety thing as well though. We have gone out and bought things for the car window so Immy doesn’t get blinded. Sun hats and sun cream have been bought. A little tent for outdoors as our garden has no shade at all. Parasols and garden furniture out. Washing on the line. I mean what more to get you in the mood for the day.

It is so lovely seeing Immy with her little legs out. Now she is smiling, settled into a proper sleeping pattern and is enjoying the world for herself it all feels like it has properly fallen into place. This week has been such a feel good week.

Obviously it comes with the issue regarding, wearing less clothes. (me not Immy). But hey, I am up and at it. 7 week post c-section and I have the courage to exercise properly without the fear of ripping open. Ok, slight exaggeration, I have felt great since 2 weeks post baby, but I had to wait six weeks and gave myself an extra one as a new mum gift. So here goes nothing, Chloe Madeley’s 4 week body blitz…come at me!

I now get up half an hour before Immy, make myself breakfast depending on the day, it is either eggs and salmon or greek yoghurt, plain rice cakes and blueberries. Wake Immy, change her nappy and feed her then she goes back down for an hour and I do my exercises and shower. It feels great. I am back!

I don’t know what it is about being a mum. But I have a new get up and go about life. It is no longer about me and what I need. I have a perfect little baby to think about and whether I feel tired, under the weather or just not in the mood. Something just kicks in and you get on with it. For me, I feel like this is happening in every area of life now. Immy, Dan and myself. I want to do the best for all of us and accomplish all the things we want to do one way or another. Starting with getting into shape. Saving money and holidays. We are on it.

So here’s me spreading the ‘Get up and Go’…Go and get what you want in life!

Thank you for reading…Anna xx

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