Oh The Joys…

Oh the joys that have been brought to us this week! It has probably been the toughest week for me yet. Not including the week in hospital. I am looking forward to next week in the hope that things get a bit easier.

On Monday poor Immy had her first lot of immunisations. Before in her 8 week check she was all smiles and in a lovely mood. Dan held her for the injections…I couldn’t! Mum guilt. But I was there for cuddles afterwards to make it all better! She took them very well, some big bottom lips and a few tears but we were okay.

For the rest of that day she was okay. she didn’t nap particularly well but she doesn’t nap for long in the day anyway. Then by bath time she was so tired, she actually fell asleep in the bath. Dan put her down at half seven and we didn’t hear from her again until half past seven the next morning! She was well and truly wiped out.

She spent much of the next day asleep too. She slept on me, in her bed anywhere i put her. Which really isn’t like Immy. Don’t get me wrong the cuddles whilst having a Disney marathon was lovely. But eventually I had decided I would ring the doctor to make sure he thought she was okay for my own sake really. I was told by the nurse to phone if she wasn’t herself. He reassured me and said it was just her fighting off the new germs.



That night she woke once early morning for a feed, which i thought was back to normal. Yay! Nope, she was a fussy little lady all day. By the time Dan got in I was well and truly ready for bed time.

Thursday she was so grumpy! I could do nothing without stopping as soon as I had started. Poor little thing didn’t know what she wanted, sleep, milk, cuddles, being sat up. Nothing helped. It was a very wearing day for the both of us.

I mean I knew her jabs would mean a grizzly baby but three days of a baby that isn’t herself has been hard work. Immy is usually such an easy going, chilled baby that I didn’t know what had hit me! I’m hoping by the time you read this I will have my Immy back and things will be normal again.

I think there was a point where I could of sat in the corner of the room and stayed there for a week. Every time I saw mum or a friend I was more than happy for them to have a cuddle which meant I could go and sit on the toilet, even though I didn’t need it. Or make the tea so I was doing normal things rather than swaying, rocking or bouncing a baby. In fact, even as I was making tea i was swaying.


I don’t like change and this means all routine has gone out of the window…bring it back! I am my own worst enemy really. If I don’t have the bed made and curtains opened by a certain time it sets me up for a day of ‘meh’.  Maybe I should just be more ‘chill’ about these things, but that it just not me.

I am going to make the most of these next three weeks before her next lot. Mind you at least I am prepared for what could be coming my way after she has the next ones.

Oh the joys of having a baby, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I just wish I could make things all better for her. She is my most favourite thing in the whole entire world.

Thanks for reading…Anna xx


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