Where Have The Weeks Gone?

How is my tiny little brand new baby 12 weeks next wednesday?

I just don’t understand how it can go so quickly. All that waiting for her to arrive and now I can’t make the days last long enough. Why do the weeks go so fast when you want them to go slowly.

Three Month Update

So Imogen is just days off of three months. She is getting such a little character now and I can already see traits of her personality coming through.

Physically, Immy can smile, she has been doing this for a while now. But all of a sudden it has 100% clicked with her and she does it non stop.

She is now holding her head by herself. Tummy time is one of her favourite things…as long as it’s not just after a feed! That doesn’t end very elegantly. Play time under her little gym is good fun, she is now putting her arms up and sort of side punching the dangly toys.

Immy follows voices and people around the room. It is lovely when you come in and she spots you and you get a great big smile. She knows her name (and most of her nicknames). She can also use her own voice VERY well. She isn’t much of a cryer, but when she cries she gives it some! A part from this she just chats and to get your attention instead of grizzling she just shouts…repeatedly.

As well as this, Immy can now recognise familiar objects. She goes mad when she see’s her bottle. It is so cute, she does like an excited grunt and her arms and legs are all over the place. She also recognises the dogs now and is absolutely fascinated by them.

She can knock back a minimum of 24 ounces of milk in a day. 7.30,11.30,3.30 and 7.30 having 7 oucnes each feed. Then usually one feed early morning. She will eat anywhere between 5 and 7 ounces then too. I don’t think she necessarily needs that night feed but it has become a habit. Why fix something that isn’t broken though hey? She will drop it when she is ready.

Immy has started having the odd bit of boiled water, obviously when it is cool. I started this when it was warm. And she really took too it. I was actually a bit surprised. Although, I am being careful not to let her have so much that she becomes too full for her feed. On a hot day she probably only has collectively, 2 ounces.

Imogen loves routine. Bedtime routine seems to be her favourite. Why wouldn’t it be? Daddy is home after all! She also loves the bath and listening to stories or nursery rhymes whilst she is in there. I am glad from a personal opinion as I am also a routine addict but I am slightly fearful for the first time we can’t stick to her routine, I am fairly certain it will be slightly hellish. We will find that out next week when we go on our first few nights away for a family wedding.

Immy’s bed time is 7.30pm and she will then sleep until anywhere between 3.30 and 4.30am when she wakes to feed. She will then go straight back down and wake around 7.15am and chat to herself until 7.30 when i get her up. The odd night she doesn’t wake for a feed but that means she is awake before 7.15 in the morning. It is lovely that she is happy to lay and chat. A) because i can go and get a bottle ready, make a cup of tea and get myself ready. B) because it is such a lovely noise. Fills me with happiness.

She has been left with her Nanny Lise multiple times. She is absolutely fine and loves a bit of quality time with her nanny. It is more me that gets upset than her! Although it is nice to get back from whatever I have been doing (usually the aldi shop) and receive a huge smile and a nice cuddle.

She is very chilled, as long as she knows she’s gong to fed, clean and loved she doesn’t really mind who she is with. Which I am happy about as there was a stage where she became a little bit clingy to me.

Not a huge fan of the heat, but she is okay as long as she is practically naked and has somewhere shady to chill. Depsite this, she absolutely rocks the summer clothes…and of course looks fab in just a nappy.

She is in size 3 nappies and 3-6 month clothing. I am so sad that she is out of 0-3. Was a big move for me, it just meant my little baby was no longer in the new baby category.

I am so happy to say that she is finally fully out of her colic stage. I am touching wood whilst i type this. She is a generally happy baby. She has always been good despite colic, but now she is an absolute dream! For the mum’s out there with colicky babies, reading this. Hang on in there! I know it doesn’t help, but it does get better!

As I say this, I feel I should mention, we have had the first few signs of teething. The dribble is unreal. She has tugged her ears to bad one of them bled. Poor baby. She munches on her had non stop. I have invested in a mouthie mitten. As she can’t hold objets yet to gnaw on I thought this might help. She is having bongela which i rub on her gums. Immy also wears amber beads around her ankle, I was skeptical but i think they are helping her.

Nearly, but not quite

There are a few things that Immy is so close to doing but isn’t quite there yet. I think she has giggled/chuckled once but hasn’t really done it since. She makes a sound sometimes when smiling but it’s not a giggle. So I think we are on the way to that one.

And lastly, I don’t think it will be long until she is rolling over. She tilts her self when she is on her back and her tummy and tries so hard to get her leg over, once that happens I think she will be away. Everything physical she seems to be so good at. She is definitely a strong baby. Although, I am not surprised as we have a history of physical babies. Dan, my mum and my brother all walked at nine months and I reckon we have another one on our hands.

I plan to stop using infacol and hopefully change to normal Aptamil rather than Comfort after next week. I am going to do it gradually, just incase. But I think she will be fine. She is fussy on temperature though so i’m hoping there’s not a big taste difference as she will probably just turn her nose up and look at me as if to say ‘just spend the extra three quid mother’.

I know it is a cliche thing to say, but where has the time gone. I am both filled with love, pride and a little hint of sadness when I look at her. Our little baby is growing so (too) fast and mastering day to day techniques faster than you can say ‘slow down’.

She definitely knows what she wants and is determined to let you know. But she is getting more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and is already such a happy, laid back yet stubborn little lady.  I am trying my hardest to treasure every single second I spend with her. I don’t know how we managed to make something so perfect.

I am going to apologise in advance to my weekly readers, as there will not be a post week. We are away for a wedding and we plan to just take some pure family time and enjoy seeing everyone and spending time with each other. I will upload the week after and maybe slide in an extra one at some point.

Thank you for reading…Anna xx

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