First Time Away With Your Baby

A few weeks ago, we took Immy away for the first time. We didn’t go abroad or anything we went up to Worksop for a family wedding. I was so excited to go and see family and spend time with everyone. But,  I was a bit nervous about a 6 hour car journey and first nights not spent at home with our little Imogen.

Firstly let me just say, the amount of stuff you have to take when you go away with a baby is insane! I definitely underestimated that. Our boot was packed as was every spare bit of space where one of us wasn’t sat was completely full.

I got my organisation head on and packed a few days before. I took one big suitcase and put all of our clothes in there rather than taking 3 bags. I just chucked in the essentials for Dan and I. Immy however, I took clothing for every weather, and enough spares for her to have a poo explosion every hour of the day. I mean I was so sure over packing would be better than under packing. I definitely don’t regret this!

We also decided to take Immy’s own bed. Her next to me is SO easy to put up and down and has it’s own little bag. I wanted her to have her own smell as we were going to be somewhere completely different. I wouldn’t have bothered if it was going to be more effort than it was worth but boy am I glad it was easy enough to take.

The journey there was great. We stopped as and when we needed too. But you wouldn’t have known we had a 3 month old baby in the car, she slept most of the way. She was such an angel. Once we arrived and cleaned up the swamp of poo on the child and everywhere else, we took her for a little walk just for some fresh air and a stretch really.

The first night we decided to stay in and give our best shot at keeping things pretty normal for the little one. We did our normal bath/bed time routine and Immy was down by 7.30pm. She slept as if we were home. I don’t know if the travelling wiped her out but she only woke once for a feed and then slept through until 7.30am.

The morning of the wedding we walked over to the nearest pub and had breakfast. Now she is in the next stage of her pushchair we can sit her up and she can be part of the group. She absolutely loves it. She’s such a nosey little thing anyway so she just sits there happily and watches everyone.

Whilst Dan and I got ready for the wedding Imogen napped in her pushchair. We fed her and then got her dressed. We drove over to the venue, which was STUNNING and waited for everyone else to arrive. I was a little apprehensive that she would start screaming throughout the ceremony and I would have to make a discreet exit but she just slept on Dan the whole way through.

I think the only hairy moment we had throughout the whole day was during the speeches. I ended up chilling outside with her as she was tired and for some reason, she really hates loud noises and when everyone cheered she just burst into full screaming mode. It was still nice, i could hear them all still (I’m glad I could because we even got a little mention)! And we sat and watched them light the fire pits and put out marshmallows etc.


I got Imogen in her pjs before her 7.30 bottle and put her down in her pram. She didn’t go to sleep but she was quite happy just relaxing in there. We left at about 10pm and went back to the hotel. I was convinced it would be a battle to get her down but I just put her in her grobag and put her down. 10 minutes later she was sound asleep. She did wake at 5.30 that morning but she just laid there talking to her self and dozing until 7am.

We left pretty early the next morning. I’m so happy we did because, Dan went the wrong way!! So the 6 hour journey ended up being nearer 7! We stopped at the services and fed Immy and had some lunch. And managed to do the rest of the journey in one stint. I slept, Immy slept and Dan sang/drove. Went well once we’d got past the argument of missing the turning!

I don’t know if it is because I am one of those people who assume the worst things are going to happen that things always seem like go so well. But I really couldn’t have hoped for a better few days away. Immy was such a credit to us and Dan and I felt like new people for having a few nights in a different place and seeing all the family.

Every family is different but my tips would be just relaxing. Dan and I are very relaxed with Immy in most senses. We do like our routine and we as a family work best that way. But it is okay to let it go here and there. Immy’s feeds didn’t change but I didn’t mind what times she slept and for how long. I also don’t mind who has Imogen. For a lot of the day I wasn’t actually sure where she was. Winning at parenting when your not sure where your child is right? But she was more than happy being with different people.

She is such a chilled baby. You know your baby and what they need. Immy loves a bit of personal space. There does come a point where she wants to be on her own stretching out, especially on a hot day. I found that as long as I noticed when she needed that and made sure she could lay in her pushchair everything was okay.

But at the end of the day. Times like these, just enjoy them. Make the most of not having to be wholey responsible for them 24/7 and be merry.

I cannot wait for our next little adventure together. We are such a good little team. Even when disaster strikes and there is no lift for pushchairs and shit in every nook and cranny of all three of us. This is what life is all about.

It was such a lovely few days and I can’t thank my cousin Lee and his lovely wife Helen for having us there as a part of their special day. It was beautiful in every way. Congratulations to you both. Here’s to a long happy life together.

Thanks for reading…Anna xx

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