Immy’s Four Month Update

Immy is now 4 months old! All of a sudden she is a proper little baby now. She has a personality and can do so much more. Please bear in mind as I write this Imogen is 18 weeks so I am a little late in uploading this post.

Four Month Change

Immy can now roll over. She started by rolling both ways, for a good while. Although, when she had her last lot of jabs she didn’t roll at all for ages as her legs were sore and now it seems she is only going from back to front. So that’s where we are at with that.
She is trying to hard to sit up but at the moment she just ends up leaning on her rolls. This doesn’t stop her though. Anything to reach whatever is in front of her.
She is grabbing things held/placed in front of her. She will pick some things up on her own accord but they have to be easy to get hold of. Everything I have she seems to want. If I have my phone she just hits it and tries to touch and hold it.
Everything she does have hold of is now going straight into her mouth. It seems we have reached that stage where every time you pick something up near her is all wet and slimy.


Imogen does not stop babbling. She has always got something to say. If she isn’t involved in the conversation you know about it.
Obviously she has been smiling for some time but she is also giggling now which is so nice. It’s great when you’re out and about and someone looks in her pushchair and she gives them a huge grin.
She follows with her eyes at all times and she definitely knows who is who by look and voice now.
We have been to a few baby groups, one on Thursdays and another on the Wednesday. Immy absolutely loves these. She gets involved and loves looking at the other babies. She is such a happy little girl.
Immy doesn’t mind being passed around but when she has had enough she will let you know. She loves her personal space, especially in this heat. She would much rather be in her jumperoo or on the floor on her own than being held or cuddled.

As far as sleeping goes, not much has really changed at all except for the timings. She now goes down at 6.30pm wakes once in the night and then usually wakes anywhere between 6-7am.
Day time naps are improving with age. It is much better if we are home and she can go down in her big cot. She will go back down an hour and a half after waking in the morning and she usually sleeps for half an hour. Then for the rest of the day it really depends what we are doing. She will either have lots of 30/45 minute catnaps. Unless we have been to a baby group. She will then sleep between and hour and a half to just over two hours.

Immy settles herself with a bit of white noise in the background. Depending on how tired she is this doesn’t usually take long. However, if she is over tired…it can be difficult. I love that Immy self settles. But it can prove tricky if we are out and about without anywhere for her to go down. Purely because she will no longer be rocked/cuddled to sleep. She will sleep in her pushchair but ts started to take a bit of walking to get her off purely because she is so nosey now.

Imogen is drinking anywhere between 7-8 ounces of milk four times a day with one night feed. Piling on the pounds nicely. She is now back on normal Aptamil formula and no longer uses infacol. Immy no longer comes up for air when having her bottle she guzzles the lot and is a pleasure to burp. She has also got to that stage where she will wind herself throughout the day now she is moving more.

We are still putting 3-6month clothing on her but there is the odd bit that is slightly snug. I don’t think it will be long as she will be in 6-9months. We are continuing to use size 3 mamia nappies and 0-6 month grobags.

Her favourite things are music, sensory toys and blowing raspberries. She loves being on the move and up on her feet. Immy has taken a liking to the dogs she loves them and watches everything they do.

Her least favourite things are being too hot and having a dirty nappy. She hates sudden loud noises and will always be sure to let you know with her big bottom lip. At the moment she is still a mummy’s girl and we are still having the odd night where she will only go down for me.

Immy is always smiling, she is my little piece of heaven. She is much better when she has something she is interested in. She is a lilttle explorer and I have no doubt that in a few months time things are going to be flying all over the place.
Imogen definitely knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let you know. She already knows what she needs to do to get what she wants/needs. I have absolutely no doubt that she is going to be on the go all the time when she is a bit older. Pushing boundaries for sure! But I wouldn’t change her for the world.

I wish time would slow down but at the same I love watching her grow and learn knew things. I love my little pal and spending every day adventuring with her is everything I ever dreamed of.

Thanks for reading…Anna xx



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