Is it just me?

Every time I go out with Immy, I get stopped by people peering into the pushchair. This is something I find makes me really proud. ‘Ah how sweet’, ‘Oh she’s lovely isn’t she?’. You never get bored of hearing that. Even though you know full well how sweet and lovely your little baby is, it is nice to be told.

Immys ‘WHATEVER’ eyes

Despite this, after one nice comment and 30 seconds of smiling and cooing. The sour taste in my mouth hits. What is it with people and filters? Or more like, no filters. Why spoil a nice meeting and pleasant smiles as you pass by for dishing out a sarcasm and ‘the oldies know best’. In return they only ever get rewarded by my lovely look of ‘FUCK YOU‘.

I’ve been hit with the ‘is she a good baby?’ more times than I have hidden in my closet eating chocolate…and trust me that’s a lot! What is a good baby? All babies cry, there is no magical tiny being that has a mute button. All babies have bad days and nights. Just because my child is currently moaning in her pushchair as she is ready for a nap doesn’t automatically mean she is a ‘bad’ baby. But apparently it does.


Another famous one, ‘oh she doesn’t have a dummy does she?’. Well A) she has one in her mouth right now so I’m hoping that’s hers, yes. B) She has it for naps only as it comforts her. She doesn’t lay on the floor playing with it in her mouth. I’m not going to explain myself to you. Even if she did…not your business.
What is the issue with dummies by the way? Why are they so offensive? Someone enlighten me.

My personal favourite…‘You ought to get her out of the sun, love’. Really? She is smothered in sun cream so the fact that her toe is in the sun at this slight angle will be okay. Usually this is said when I have something up guarding the sun from her top half and a giant muslin laid over her bottom half to protect her and she has kicked it off slightly. Bit of Vitamin D never hurt no one. I wouldn’t let her burn.

Lastly, ‘Your babies crying!’. Yep, got that. Fully aware my child is crying. At this specific moment in time there is nothing I can do. ‘She is okay, she’s just fussing’. Well fuck me, that was the wrong this to say. Apparently babies don’t cry for no reason. Well and truly told off by the old lady down the washing up liquid aisle.

Also, can I just say everytime Immy makes some kind of grunt or sound. People assume she is hungry. ‘You best feed her’. Why do people assume that. There are a number of reasons babies whinge. I don’t starve her trust me, look at them thigh rolls.

Although all of these things really grind my gears, I have learnt to either ignore it. OR, even more fun is just being brutally honest. That they do not expect. Hey, do not mess with the mum who is dealing with post baby hair loss and most likely hasn’t had her lunch yet, because you’re going to loose.

So rant over, I hope you enjoyed this really positive post! I’m sure most, if not all of you mummys and daddys out there have had these thrown at you too.

Thanks for reading…Anna xx

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