Please Slow Down Baby

The amount of times people say how fast the time goes, myself included. It has been true all along, through pregnancy and motherhood. But since Immy has started doing things it’s like I can’t keep up.

Just recently, or what feels like over night, Imogen is all over so many things. She grabs EVERYTHING. Interested in all things in her eyeline. She has started to put her arms out to me. More so when someone else has her, rather than when she is on the floor.

She is on all fours, rocking back and fourth and travelling great distance…backwards! She holds her own bottle, needing some assistance but for the most part she does it now. Especially water, she has handles on her water bottle and pushes me away if I try and help.

She is near to weaning and moving into her own bedroom at night. At the moment, it seems to be me that is struggling with that more than her. I am hoping when it comes to moving her room, which we plan to do at six months, she will adjust pretty quick as she sleeps in there in the day. Weaning I am looking forward too but again, we are going to wait until six months purely because she is doing so well on her milk there isn’t any need for us to start early at the moment.

On the other hand there are positives. It is so much easier to be out and about now. We go out every weekend and do something as a family. It is lovely. Immy is so alert and interested in everything she really enjoys being out and about.

On the weekend have been too the sealife centre, swimming, fares and days out. She loves different sites, sounds and people watching. It is so lovely to see her taking it all in and enjoying new experiences.

I also find that we are able to go more places on weekdays, we go to baby groups. When it just the two of us, I take her down to a small beach in the mornings and when we go for walks we stop somewhere and play under the trees for a bit. Although the heat is nearing unbearable (to me) at the moment, it so nice to be able to make memories with my little chick.

Another plus side is Imogen has finally started sleeping better in the days. I think a mixture of doing more things and her physically wearing herself out more is what has made this happen. It is nice, if i’m honest, the house is cleaner and I feel more energised when she is awake, purely for a bit of me time in the day.

As lovely all this is, time is slipping away so fast now. It seems as though she is changing every day and has learnt something new overnight. I am enjoying every day with my baby but I wish they would be a bit longer. Please slow down baby, it’s going way too fast.

Thanks for reading Anna..xx

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