Six Months of Perfect You

Six months. Where have they gone?

It seems like Immy can do so much now. She is already becoming miss independent. Her character is becoming more and more apparent.


Imogen sits unaided and is up on her hands and knees attempting to crawl.
She has got the art of rocking back and forwards but doesn’t yet realise she has to move her hands before her knees. Which means we often get a face plant.
Although, just in the last week she seems to have gotten bored of rocking so is skipping the knees. Immy now balances on her hands and feet in what I can only explain as the ‘downward dog’ yoga position. I’m really not sure where we’re going to go from there, I just feel like stair gates are going to be needed soon.
Meanwhile, she is getting around just by scooting on her belly. She can go some serious distance and definitely do 360 degree turns. I often find her under a bit of furniture. Dan and I have decided we will dress her in dust cloths so she cleans as she goes.

She picks up foods and objects using her whole hand and brings it to her mouth. Where EVERYTHING goes.
She stands holding your hands and is really strong on her legs. She will put one foot in front of the other as if to walk.
She still has blue eyes and her hair has gone blonde. I think it will go even blonder.

Sleeping and Eating

Immy is sleeping through the night. Obviously there have been nights where she has woken from teething but a part from that, all is good.
She goes to bed about 7.15ish and wakes at 5.30. This is when Dan gets up for work so he will then go and get her, change her nappy and put her in bed with me. She tends to chat for about half an hour. Then she either goes back to sleep or lays and watches me sleep, stroking my arm. TOO CUTE!
We made the big move this week and Imogen is now sleeping in her own room. Much to my dismay. I think she found it a whole lot easier than I did. I was so emotional the night before, knowing this would be the last time I put her too bed in our room. But she was SO ready.
Immy naps around 8am for anywhere between half an hour to an hour. She will then nap at 11.30 until 12.30/1.00 and then finally around three for an hour. Obviously there are days where we are busy and I change this to fit too our plans or there might be days where it just doesn’t work that way in which case we go with the flow.


We have been weaning for about a month. Too start with it was really just for fun and not much was going in. Then all of a sudden she took to it and until the start of this week has been mainly having puree fruit and veg. With the odd bit of porridge.
As she started to eat more I began giving Immy weetabix or porridge for breakfast which she never seemed too have much of. Then an ice cube of veg puree followed by an icecube of fruit puree.
Last time I went to get Imogen weighed I asked for a bit of advice on weaning and I feel like we are now off to a proper start. I have made the decision to both spoon feed and do finger foods. For breakfast she now has either cereal with fruit or toast followed by fruit. Then a bottle.
At lunch time she is mainly picking up her foods off of her tray. Foods such as Ellas Kitchen Organic Melt Puffs, advocado, peppers, carrot sticks, strawberries,pasta, broccoli potato wedges etc. (you get the idea, basically anything we have). Then if she is having left overs from our tea I just mash it a bit and do a bit of spoon feeding too. For example, bolognese, chicken pasta bake.
In the future I plan to have dinner time together but at the moment bed time and dan getting home is too close together. When this happens I will swap her lunch and tea meals around so she her main with us.
I am absolutely loving that she is a little foodie and she’s also very big on her water drinking.

Party Tricks

YAY. Immy can wave. Although, now she knows she can do it. It is pretty much all she does every time she sees someone.
She now sits in her bath seat (some nights, I still LOVE bathing together).
She has nailed one of the four pop up toys on her toy. Oddly not the push one, the one you flick from side to side.
Pushing the button on her carseat toy. Now every time we’re in the car I get to listen to the same tune on repeat until she falls asleep.
Sitting like a big girl in the trolley when we go shopping.
Immy babbles constantly, she has nailed the sounds, da, tt,ss, ba, and a few others that I don’t even know how to type.

Likes and Dislikes

Immy loves swimming, even a little dunk and i can’t wait to start water babies with her and Dan at the beginning of september.
She’s always up for a good walk now she is front facing in the carrier, she giggles all the way.
At the moment she is favouring dogs, she cannot take her eyes off of them.
Mango and advocado are life.
Noisy toys and reading stories together.
Immy likes painting and getting her hands into everything, she is such an adventurer.

Immy is not a fan of hugs, unless they are on her terms. We say ‘ahh cuddles’ and she stays there for a second then pushes you away and tries to get a toy.
It’s not easy to dress her, she hates having her top half dressed, espeically if it means she has to let go of a toy.
If you do something she dislikes, she lets you know with a growl…weird child.

Last but not least

Immy is in size 4 mamia nappies, probably not far off 4+.
She has two teeth which we brush morning and night.
She is in 6-9 month clothing and rocks pretty much everything she wears.
She weighed 18lb 6oz and is 67cm long. (at last check)

Imogens eczema is clear at the moment, we have been using Childs Farm bubble bath, soap and moisturiser and it has done her the world of good.
We use the bubble bath and soap every night and the moisturiser morning and evening as necessary. I couldn’t recommend it enough, it smells delicious, feels lovely on your skin and each bottle lasts a long time.
Added extra…it has gotten rid of my eczema too! As i bath with Immy I have been using the bubble bath and have been stealing a bit of her moisturiser for my legs, and it’s cleared up lovely.

Six special months with our little girl. She shouts and chats all day long but I wouldn’t have her any other way. I am soaking up every inch of her non stop. She is beautiful in every way, and so bloody funny!

Thanks for reading…Anna xx

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