Seven Month Update

Last week Imogen turned 7 months.

I’m not sure where these months are going but they are running away from us fast.


Immy is still just scooting around on her tummy. She can get everywhere like that, even if it does frustrate her. She seems to have just given up completely with the crawling and constantly wants to be on her feet. She walks SO well if you hold her hands. We are going to buy a push along walker soon, not that she has the balance yet but she will before we know it.

She sits really well now with hardly any wobbles. She leans for toys and can get from her bum to her tummy to scoot around. She is dying to attempt pulling herself up but where she does it from her bum her arms aren’t quite strong enough. If she is on her knees she has the strength, but she is usually on her bum.

She uses her thumb and index finger to pick things up now as well as her whole hand. It is really cute but painful to watch her scoot a tiny bit of food around then finally get it in two fingers just to throw it off the highchair!

Her eyes are getting lighter, still blue but not as deep. A bit more like mine now. Her hair is thickening every day, literally. The length is also growing, she now has little bits that come down over her ears. It is blonde and has a few little kinks and waves.

Sleeping and Eating

Immy is still sleeping through, again, we might have the odd night from teeth. But nine times out of ten she will go straight back off.
She has changed from waking up at 5.30am to more like 6.30am now. Which is LOVELY. We usually get up then anyway so that extra half an hour is heaven.
I usually go and get her up whilst Dan is getting ready for work which is nice because it means he now sees her for 10 minutes before he heads off.

Nap times are still the same. 8am, shorter nap. 11.30am long nap and 3/4pm a shorter nap. Sometimes she misses the last nap, I think it will fade out soon but it can be all the difference between a calm bath/bedtime and a stressful one!

She eats absolutely everything. There is nothing we have given her that she doesn’t like yet. She has breakfast first thing followed by a bottle (7oz). Bottle at 11 (7oz). Lunch is around 1ish, she will have anything from, salmon to chicken kievs along with veg followed by some pudding. 3pm she has a bottle (7oz) and then she has her tea at 5ish. Her last bottle is at 7pm (9oz).

All of those bottles a part from the bed time one she can have anywhere from 5oz to the whole bottle, depends on how she has eaten. I am not really sure when they start to drop a bottle completely. So if you do, let me know. But at the moment, she is still always ready for them.

Party Tricks

Immy can dance, she sort of shuffles on her bum and waves her arms around. Definitely gets her moves from her mother.
She is trying to clap but can’t quite get the idea of opening her hands up from fists
Imogen bangs toys/objects together to make lovely loud noises!
If something has a lid, she will shut it straight up for you. This laptop for instance, she shuts the lid very dramatically.

Like and Dislikes

Immy loves her raa’s. Which are her muslins, she snuggles them and rubs it up and down her nose when she is going to sleep.
She likes meat and has a tendancy to give you a big grin when she has it in her mouth. NICE.
She loves independence. We play together alot but she is also happy to sit and suss things out for herself.
She doesn’t like it when she is stood and you try and get her to sit back down. She refuses to bend.
She isn’t big fan on having her teeth brushed. It’s ok once we are in but getting in can be tricky.

Last but not least

Immy now has four teeth. Two at the bottom and two at the top.
We go to water babies every week and for the most part she loves it. She is constantly splashing away and smiling at us.
She gets stuck right into a bit of messy play, her fave.
The twirly woos theme tune makes her laugh and dance.
Animals fascinate her and she loves giving herself a nice wet kiss in the mirror
She is still in 6-9 clothing but i don’t think it will be too long before she goes up to 9-12.
Size 4+ mamia nappies. Again probably not ages until she is in a 5.

Another month with our little lady and her growing personality. She is such a happy, laid back little thing. She is a pleasure to spend every day with. She is very good at going with the flow and doesn’t let much bother her.
She was a star at our friends wedding this month, great at napping in her new bedroom at nanny’s new house and kicked ass when she had her first cold.

Lets see what adventures we have in this coming month little one, I know your first holiday will be one of many.

Thanks for reading…Anna xx

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