Eight Month Update

Eight months of our beautiful baby girl.



Well, for such a strong baby who has always been so on it…we are still waiting for Immy to move.
She has been on all fours for about two months now, but she just isn’t interested. She definitely has my ‘I’ll do it when I’m ready and that’s that attitude’. 
I’m thinking maybe she will prove us all wrong and be lazy like I was, but time will tell.

Despite this, she is constantly wanting to be on her feet. She will walk for ages if you hold her hands. And at quite a speed. We have bought her a few little pairs of soft shoes as she isn’t a big fan on sitting in her pushchair for a long time anymore, or her carrier. So we always have to be prepared, no matter what kind of surface we are on. She likes to get out and have a stroll.

Imogen is so good at picking things up and swapping items between her hands and bringing things to her mouth.
She will pick up the smallest bit of dirt, no matter how many times you’ve hoovered!

She can stand up holding onto things, but she has to be put there as she isn’t interested in pulling herself up.

Her eyes are still blue and her hair is still getting thicker and longer every day. The waves are still coming through here and there!

Sleeping and Eating

Immy is still a good sleeper. She has started to stir a bit more through the night, but she will settle herself for the most part. Sometimes I will go in and put her dummy back in. But we have stopped doing that so much as she tends to make a bit of noise then by the time you get to her room she has fallen back to sleep.

She is waking up a bit later still but I tend to wake her if she isn’t awake by 6.45 purely because starting our day at 7 suits us well.

I am one of those mums that loves my routine, not for everyone but it definitely works best for us.

Who knows how the clock going back will effect us. It will be the first one that will make a difference to Immy.

She still naps twice a day, short one in the morning and a long one mid day. Afternoons naps are fading out slowly.

Immy has three meals a day and we are starting to introduce snacks.

Breakfast, then about 5oz of milk.
7oz milk at 11 which I’m thinking might drop when we start snacks properly.
Lunch 1pm (ish) and then 7oz at 3pm. This bottle is hit and miss.
Tea time we have at 5.30 when Dan gets home and we all have the same at the table together.
7-9oz at 7pm before bed.

Having tea together is one of my favourite parts of the day. It is so nice to all sit together and do nothing else but eat and talk. Family time is the best.

Party Tricks

Immy can now clap. It’s not 100% natural yet, but she can do it!
She loves blowing, it ends up sounding like raspberries.
If I say ‘kisses’ she will stay still so you can kiss her lips, but doesn’t give you one back yet
She can shake her head when you say ‘no’. I’m not convinced she knows what it means, but she gets a good reaction so she keeps doing it!
She is always saying ‘dada’. It doesn’t mean Dan yet but I don’t think it will be long

Likes and Dislikes

She doesn’t like breaded foods, for example fish fingers, she will eat the fish but not the coating
Immy loves being outside. She always has a big smile and takes everything in.
She has an obsession with phones and keys, she has a right hissy fit if you take them off her.
Immy find sneezing hilarious
She doesn’t like being cleaned after meal times.

Last but not least

We went on our first holiday during this month and Immy was an absolute credit to us. She made no fuss. Slept like a princess in her travel cot in a different room. She took it all in her stride and made do with napping in the car and being fed on the road.
I know Dan and I couldn’t of wished for a better little companion.

Immy now has 6 teeth. 4 along the top and two along the bottom.
She is just in size 5 nappies and is in the last few weeks of 6-9 clothing.
Last weekend she got her chapter one water babies badge, swimming under water together was one of the best things ever.
She stayed away over night from both Dan and I for the first time. She had a sleepover with nanny and pop.

This month has been a special one for all three of us, we all grow closer every month and our love for each other just gets stronger and stronger. I look at her and feel beyond lucky to have such a smiley ray of sunshine. She is the most incredible thing I have ever seen.

The next month will include lots more exciting things for us to do together, including her christening and first halloween!

Thanks for reading…Anna xx

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