Teething and Tantrums

Teething can be tough, for baby and family. Immy has definitely been suffering bad just lately. I thought, hey why not share this. We all have these days or weeks!

Imogen has six teeth that are properly through. I often say I think she will have them all by one the rate she is going.
I do feel for her though, she doesn’t seem to get a break. Which also means…neither do I!

Since Imogen has turned 8 months, she seems to have realised what a tantrum is as well. This seems to be put into action when she is teething bad and feels a bit clingy or sensitive. If I put her down on the floor she throws herself backwards or forwards, whichever is more appropriate for her!

Child Fine – Just Practicing Her Beliefs

If you take something off her that she shouldn’t have she brings on this noise, which she seems to think sounds like crying. But the fact that it has a much angrier sound, not one tear and her eyes starring at me to see what I’m going to do about it, kind of gives it away!

She has figured out that not getting her own way isn’t always fun and that if she makes a lot of fuss she might just be allowed to get on with what ever she was doing.
And if I am telling you the truth you have to pick your battles wisely because sometimes it really isn’t worth the upset or stress for both of you. Because lets be honest, you can’t really tell off an eight month old baby. So what do you? (Not a rhetorical, please share if you know)!

She does love a bit of personal space and she would much rather be given her ‘raa’ and left to sort herself out that smothered and cuddled. So we often get the glare from her whilst she sits or lays and takes five minutes to herself. She is GREAT at ignoring you, I fear that she might be like me in that sense. I am queen of silent treatment.


Last week her teeth were really bothering her. She does seem to struggle with them in general, she gets temperatures, sore bums and a bit of ear ache. So now the teeth are coming through further back all hell is braking loose.

Dare i say it…but she is still sleeping!! I hope i’m not going to regret that. But when she is teething if anything she seems to sleep for longer, I think it tires her out.


So basically what I’m saying is teething sucks! And sometimes I feel like we are both going insane. But in the chaos of a 12 hour + day, I get that 10 minutes after a bottle where she smiles and plays with me. Giving me kisses and cuddles. The world seems a much better place.


P.S. – DON’T LISTEN WHEN SOMEONE SAYS ‘TERRIBLE TWOS’. It starts waaaaaay before the age of two. 

Thanks for reading…Anna xx

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