Nine Month Update

Nine Months. You have been in this world for as long as you were in my tummy. How crazy is that?

SHE CRAWLS. Yay! It felt like it wasn’t going to happen but it has. And she is on it. It started with just crawling to get to a toy. Now she crawls just for fun.

She can now feed herself. I will put food on the spoon and give it too her, then she will feed herself and give me the spoon back to put more on. She drinks from her cup by herself. She just picks it up as and when and drinks whenever she wants.

When it comes to pulling herself up, I feel like shes not been crawling long enough to have realised it’s possible yet. If it put her against the chair on her knees she will pull herself up without thinking about it. Bu she doesn’t do it otherwise.

Immy is still our blue eyed, blondey girl. Her hair is growing thick and fast and then ends around the back and sides tend to flick up into a curl. We have finally done the ‘child and parent photo comparison’. We didn’t do it for ages but everyone its very half and half. Some people say she is the spit of Dan and some say she is the spit of me.
It turns out she definitely a mixture! There are some of my features and some of Dan. See below

Mummy. Immy. Daddy.

Immy is super talkative and I think she can say most sounds now. Including Mama!!! Woohoo. She definitely understands what some words means and she tries her hardest to copy, bless her. She can copy ‘ta’ when we pass toys between eachother but i’m not entirely sure she knows why shes saying it! She will also try and copy animal noises, shes best at Buzzzzzzz.

Our little lady is quite a sensitive soul. She is very cautious when it comes to standing and really doesn’t like falling. Which surprises me because me and Dan have never fussed over her if she does topple or something.
I know family won’t believe me when I say she is shy. But she is! Not when it comes to family or friends but in different surroundings and noisy places she can take a while to warm up. I am definitely her safety blanket.

Despite this, she isn’t shy when it comes to a tantrum. If you read my last blog post you will know Imogen has got this aspect of life! She knows to cry for a reaction. When I say cry I mean ‘fake cry’. She will also arch her back and flip herself back if she isn’t happy or can’t have those sharp scissors she so desperately wants to chew on!

Immy loves music and claps straight away and does a little bounce. If I sing she does her cheesy grin. If Dan sings she pushes her head back to show off her triple chins and stares at him as if to say ‘Dad, what are you doing?!‘ Safe to say she knows who the better singer is!

Imogen has just started to take an interest in really playing. She will sit and empty and fill containers. It is one of her favourite things to do. She loves knocking brick towers down and will attempt to stack one on top of the other but can’t quite do it yet.
When she plays with lots of different objects she will sit, study and talk to them. If she is in the right mood she really goes for it and has a whole babbling conversation with herself.

Immy is still sleeping really well, although for day time naps she can take up to an hour to go to sleep! Not because she is upset or anything. She just crawls around and plays ‘chuck the dummy out the cot’ for ages! Before you think it, I have already tried putting her down an hour later to see if she’s more tired and then she just plays for another hour in her cot! She’s happy in there and eventually she just snuggles down and goes to sleep. So I’m thinking this is just a phase as crawling is still a novelty. Luckily, she doesn’t do it at night so that’s good.
Immy sleeps all night and has an hour in the morning.
She has pretty much dropped her second afternoon nap. She has anywhere from 1 and a half to two hours in the afternoon but that varies. Sometimes i put her down at 11 and sometimes she doesn’t go down until 1. It just depends on her.
Instead of her third nap, she has some ‘quiet time’. Where i let her have her dummy and raa and we read stories or watch a bit of a film. If she is really tired i put her in her cot and she will just have a quiet 15 minutes relaxing but rarely drifts off to sleep.

One of the biggest changes this month is that Immy has started going to nanny’s on a Thursday. Purely because i want to get used to it before I go back to work. My mum is having Immy whilst i work and although she looks after her for the odd hour here and there, Immy and I spend every day together and have done for the past 9 months. So for my own sake as much as immys i want us to be eased into it not just chucked in at the deep end. I don’t mind it. I get to have one on one time with one of my best friends in costa without a child getting up and down and attempting to pull teapots off the table.

This month Imogen gained some extra family, four god parents who she loves lots and lots. Uncle Dan (my big bro), Aunty Shepps (charlotte, my best friend), Aunty Edie (my other best pal) and Uncle WIll (one of daddy’s best pals). She is a very lucky girl.

We also told her that we booked her first holiday abroad, to watch mummy and daddy get married and asked her if she would like to be a flower girl. She just looked up and growled. So we took that as a yes!

Immy is in size 5 nappies. 9-12 month clothing and she has 7 nearly 8 teeth.
She struggles when she teeths and usually ends up with a temperature and sore ears. The only good thing is it seems to make her sleep more rather than less…for now anyway.

Thanks for reading…Anna xx

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