Ten Month Update

This months, feels as though it has been a big leap for Imogen. There are so many things she can do all of a sudden and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

She crawls with force now. She is speedy, fearless and independent. There is no stopping her.  She pulls herself up on every possible surface and walks along. 

She will bend to pick things up and lower herself onto her bum if its not too high. She’s still a bit hesitant if it’s a long way down.

Everyone has commented saying how she no longer looks like a baby anymore and more of a small toddler. I wish she would hold on! She’s changing so fast.

Immy can still be shy when we go to groups. She is quiet and tends to sit back and take it all in. Then about 10 minutes before it finishes or we have to go she is chatty and ready to play. 

Tantrums seem to have lessened a bit but she is definitely testing boundaries. She doesn’t often choose to listen to the word NO. Even though she knows full well what it means. 

Immy loves playing, she plays peek-a-boo and hides either herself or me under her muslin and then pulls it off attempting to say BOO. Imogen is a big fan of rough and tumble. Before bath time she will lay on our bed and roll and throw herself around. She gets all excited and giggles if you pretend to chase her. 

Immy had her first proper ‘ouchy’ doing the above this month. Blood and all. Stood on our bed holding onto the bottom ledge and slipped and banged her nose and mouth on the wood. She still has all her teeth though. Thank God!

Imogen still eats really well. She has naturally dropped one of the day time bottles. So she only has one bottle in the morning and one before her nap and one before bed. 

Napping has also changed! It’s all go. She still has her hour around 8am. Then lasts until 12.15 ish and goes down for 2 hours. She has lunch at 12 now then goes to bed and has a bottle in bed by herself. Immy has completely dropped the last nap of the day so that is it until bed time.

Imogens 10 month check went really well and the health visitor was super happy with her, espcially her speech and hand movements. 

Size 5 nappies are still going, 9-12 month clothing as well. She weighs 22lbs and is just under 80cm long. 

Her new favourite thing is the swings! We walk to the park and all she wants to do is swing. We try other stuff but she just frowns at me until we’re back at the swings. Then she smiles and laughs.

¬†We can’t wait for this next month, our first christmas as a family of three!

Thank you for reading…Anna xx

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