Mother and Baby Groups

When I had Imogen, I was reluctant to start with. I am not a group kind of person.

You would never catch me at Brownies or anything when I was younger. I did manage ballet for a few months when I was little, purely because my mum used to bribe me with a wimpy!

So when the health visitor was telling me about all these lovely groups I could go too I just nodded and said that I would check them out.

I think I went to my first one when Immy was three months. It was actually better than I expected and there were first time mums with young babies there too.

I had pictured mums who had four bedroom houses and four kids, amazing hair and babies who just slept and smiled. (If you were at that group and reading this…your hair was amazing)!

From my own personal experience I am still not that keen and here is why:

A) The timing never fits in with routines that I have.
B) There definitely is a group of mums that don’t even smile back at you when you say Hi.
C) It doesn’t matter how much every one is in the same, it can still be stressful if it is your child that isn’t playing ball.
D) I hate the germs. Not a good enough reason, I know.

Despite this, me and Imogen have been lucky enough to make some really good mummy and baby friends and we do meet up as often as we can.
We are also lucky enough that one of our mummy friends is Super Mum and manages to organise activities and opens up her house to us all. This has proven to be much more my cup of tea. So shout out to Amy and Arlo for having us all!

I have always been a bit of an introvert. I love my own company and I have never been big on surprises or nights out. So I knew that this wasn’t going to be my favourite part of parent hood. But it is good for Immy and a huge life saver when it comes to advice and tips!

The only paid for, private baby activity I can say I have really enjoyed has been Waterbabies, although I think we will sadly be stopping that soon as it is SO expensive and we have a wedding to plan and a child to clothe and feed!

And one of our favourite free organised activity is probably rhyme time!

We do have so much fun with our friends and once she has warmed up she likes to get stuck in.

As worst experiences go, I think ours was this once when Imogen was in a particularly foul mood and didn’t want me to put her down and to top it all off a child playing across the room from us was sick and then ran off. Meanwhile all the other walking kids ran through it. That was it, Mama Out!

The main thing for me is that we all have fun, and we never feel like we’re missing out. We enjoy it when we go and we love spending time with everyone.

Having Immy has definitely widened my group of friends and that is sucha lovely part of having. And of course, watching her begin to recognise and enjoy seeing her friends.

Thank you for reading…Anna xx

Permission from parents given to use photos in the post

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