11 Month Update

I am in a bit of denial about this. I don’t want our baby to turn one next month. I’ve said it a million times, but it has gone too fast.

Imogen is learning so fast now. She has all of sudden got a handful of words. Even if we’re at that stage where maybe only a handful of people can understand what she is saying. She is definitely saying it.

Dan and I have decided it’s time to watch what words we are using around her. Otherwise we could have a ‘Meet the Fockers’ case on our hands and she’ll be saying asshole or worse!

Words that she can say are: Wow, Kiss, Yeah, Hiya, Milk, Mama, Dada.

We are still crawling, no attempts of walking. I don’t think she will be walking before one. I will be surprised if she does. She’s a women that knows what she wants and she is adamant she doesn’t need to walk if she crawl. I am happy with this, the longer she is crawling, the easier life is.

She will pull herself up and has no fear now. She can stand for seconds but as soon as she realises she’s doing it she looks at you and sits down! A girl after my own heart.

We are still loving food. I feel like it’s too good to be true. She is a dream to feed. Even if she makes this constant shouting noise whilst in her high chair! I have sort of learnt to ignore it. Three meals a day and two snacks. I have started giving her vitamins in the morning now she has less formula.

A morning bottle of 5oz, normally has 3oz. A nap bottle of 7oz, she normally drains it. A bed time bottle of 9oz, she normally has 8oz.

I am thinking of swapping onto cows milk when our tub of formula runs out. When this happens she won’t have a morning bottle, I will just fill her cup with milk. But for now, i’m keeping her nap time milk in a bottle even when it’s cows milk. Purely because she lays down with it in her cot.

She is napping for about 45 minutes in the morning and two hours, maybe just under between 12 and 2pm.

Bed time is still 7pm and she is still sleeping through. Give or take with those mean teeth and colds! The morning begins around 6am. We are still very strict with our bed time routine as it as always worked so well. Bath time is 6.30pm and then she is dried, moisturised and into clean pjs ready for her bottle at 7pm.

We are hanging onto to giving our bedtime cuddle. We still give Immy her milk in the chair in her room then put her into bed afterwards. It is becoming impossible, she ends up stood in between my legs some nights because she has slid down! It is nearly time to let her have it in bed like her mid day nap and read her a story whilst she has it.

Imogen has such a cheeky personality. It is easy to be fooled by her cheeky grin and adorable bottom lip! She can be firey and lets you know if she doesn’t agree with you. But on the other hand she is so loving and patient. We are so lucky to have such a happy, easy going little one.

Immys latest party tricks include, singing. Thanks to her nanny! She sings only in high pitch and very loudly. She has the dance moves of MJ. She bounces, jiggles, sways and waves her arms around in the air. She is attempting to click her fingers, which is adorable. Obviously she cant make the noise but she slides her finger along her thumb.

We are still in 5+ nappies, I think she will stay in those for a few months yet. Clothes wise, she is still wearing 9-12month but I am washing and sorting all of her 12-18 month ready as I think we are on the last few weeks.

This month is a big month for all of us. We are starting it full of cold. Daddy will be working further away from home, so potentially a big change in morning and tea time routines. Mummy is going back to work Thursdays and Fridays. Although, it’s definitely mummy that’s sad about this one! And our little baby is becoming a toddler and turning ONE!

Oh ever so emotional! We’re hanging on in there. Bear with me whilst I go and wipe my smudged mascara!

Our girl makes us so proud.

Prepare yourself for next months Development Update as it will be the big one.

Thanks for reading…Anna xx

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