12 Month Update

So it has happened, we have a one year old!

12 months of being mummy and daddy. 12 months of waking up to our beautiful little angel face.

one today

Immy is still a crawler. She walks really well on her walk along and is really confident on her feet. She’s just not interested in giving it a go. Crawling is much easier when you know how!!

She is our little ballet dancer. When she’s standing she will lean forward and balance on one leg and lift the other one up and bends it behind her. In fact she will give every dance move a go if you give her the chance. She still absoloutely loves music and has her favourite songs.

Imogen is continuing to chat away and make sounds. She’s such a chatterbox, you can’t keep her quiet unless you put Moana or Frozen on! She is also pretty good at telling you what she wants using her hands. We’ve never signed to her but she has picked up little things here and there. She is also really good at copying nursery rhyme actions.


We are fully onto cows milk and have been since about 11 and half months. She has a bit in her cup in the morning and before she sleeps. Immy loves meal times. Her favourites are tuna sandwiches and spaghetti bolognese. She loves her meat and veggies. Infact i think she enjoys every food group!
I am trying to let her have a spoon when she is eating at dinner time. Usually lunch is finger foods but a dinner time I’m trying to encourage self feeding. It can be frustrating to watch as she doesn’t want help. Miss independent. But, she normally ends up giving in and going in with hands…mess is fun, right?

The bedtime routine has changed, we lost our bedtime cuddle. In a way bedtime is more peaceful now and I do enjoy reading her a book. It hasn’t really affected her to be honest. I think she was ready. Bed is still 7pm after shes had a bath.

Personality wise she is the same. Loving, funny and sweet. Sometimes she can be shy, around new faces and unfamiliar surroundings, but she’s fine after ten minutes. However, she is getting more and more sassy. She has definitely begun to push boundaries. Hissy fits are now a thing and she’s pretty bloody good at them. This is the face….

sassy pants

Her latest party tricks are the actions to ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’, blowing kisses, high fiving and finding the mouse on every page of the ‘That’s not my….’ books. If you know, you know.

Immy still wear size 5+ mamia nappies and is now her 12-18 month clothing. Immy now has ten teeth and lots more are on the way. And don’t we know it! Dribble, restless nights and bottom lips, say it all! Her hair is getting so long and thick. We have enough for two pigtails now and its so curly at the back!

Me and Dan have decided the day she hit one she realised she could do things she isn’t supposed too. All of a sudden she is into things she never has been. Despite crawling and pulling herself up for a while now she hasn’t ever been interested in things she shouldn’t be. Well these last few weeks, she wants candles, pulls cereal out of cupboards, plays with the washing machine buttons, opens the oven door, trys to get in the toilet, shuts her fingers in doors and pulls over all the dining room chairs. I mean the list is endless really!

Having a one year old has taught me…
1) Dan and I can no longer stand in the kitchen chatting, having the odd snuggle and generally talk about our days unless the child is with us. This happened the other day, we realised it was silent, walked in to the lounge and she was eating chalk…who knows where she found the tub. But safe to say she was enjoying it and has demolished 1/4 of the yellow one. FAB

chalk incident
2) The wardrobe is no longer a safe place to keep my make up. I went to apply last weekend before meeting some girlies for a carvery and the brushes were soaked with dribble. I looked in the mirror and had thick wet brown lines down my face…GREAT
3)The older the child the harder to get a photo of them. They wise up. As soon as the phone comes out they’re like ‘Not today mother, you can do one’!

In all seriousness, our beautiful little girl is growing so fast. She makes me proud every day and I still squeeze her and get an overwhelming feeling of love. She has been the best teacher and she doesn’t even know it. She has taught us how to be a mummy and daddy and love unconditionally. She has been so patient whilst we have been learning, and we couldn’t be more thankful. Imogen is our whole world. It is tough but my god it’s worth it. 

Thanks for reading..Anna xx

me and my girl

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